Episode 300

Yes, Loan Officers Can Have a Residual Income from Loans

In this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers in the country, Carl White interviews Emmanuel St. Germain, a valued Freedom Club member. 

Emmanuel discovered a program where loan officers can retire with residual income from past clients and referral sources.

You’ll hear how it’s presented to seasoned loan officers who have an existing database and how he partners with them to teach the marketing fundamentals he has learned from being a part of The Freedom Club. 

Marrying the loan officer to the established system allows them to fully squeeze the juice out of the lemon, showing them that once they retire, they’re still bringing income in from the system they used as it continues to be fruitful. 

Tune in to learn more on how everybody wins with this genius program. Learn more strategies to ramp up your business by jumping on a free 60-minute coaching call here.

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