Write Small Checks to Cash Big Checks


In this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, your #1 podcast in the country for loan officers, Carl White is joined by Kirk Scrima, who is using gifts for loans being closed (small checks to cash big checks) and shares how gifts can be used to get more business. 

He explains how they utilize this specific gifting program and why he believes it’s been a game changer for increasing his production. 

Kirk and his team are not only implementing this gifting system into their business, but they have begun mirroring the zoom call idea from Mortgage Marketing Animals coaching program, Call Stars, for his own business and how it’s making a huge difference for him and his team. Tune in to hear how he hopes to grow it into something even bigger for the future. 

You don’t want to miss this episode and find out how his unique gifting program can help your business by celebrating your closings by providing memorable gifts. 

Find out more by visiting: https://gratitudegiftcompany.com/

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They Aren’t Referring To You Because Of You..


Welcome to your #1 podcast for loan officers in the country. In this episode, Carl White explains the psychological reasoning behind referrals. This may open your eyes as to why asking for the business actually works – and it may not be the reason you think…

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A.I. Lead Generation for Loan Officers

In this episode, Carl invites Chris Johnstone on the show to discuss how Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in just a couple of short months has started to transform marketing opportunities for Loan Officers! They share invaluable insights on how loan officers can leverage AI and SEO to generate quality local customers from Google and Ratings and reviews.

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The 4 Steps for Success

In this episode, Steve Kyles and Carl White share the 4 steps of adding talent to their team of loan officers.

Whether you’re a Branch Manager looking for the best ways to attract the right LOs or a loan officer wondering what questions to ask when being approached with opportunities – this is your episode. 

Carl and Steve are sharing their own strategies on how to go about bringing on new loan officers who are willing to do the work and structure their processes with a solid plan. 

Listen in to hear how it’s broken down by the who, the hook, the platform and the follow-up. 

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