You are enough

We hear it all the time… 

“You have to bring value to your agents”

And you know what, “they” are right…. And perhaps “they” are missing the real truth..

Here’s the problem.  So many LO’s hear that and then freeze because they think (and have been mistakenly told) that they have to….

… bring their agents buyers

… help the agents build their business

… teach classes
… become the agent’s personal assistant and errand boy/girl

And the list goes on and on and on and on
<usually fueled by somebody trying to sell you something you don’t need>

So now the LO is led to believe that before they can get referrals, they have to learn how to do all those things first… which most of the time never happens…  

Classic overwhelm that is totally unnecessary.

…which results in the loan officer stuck with yet another mediocre month of closings and / or another month of slow, if any, growth.

And even for those LOs that do spend all their time doing those things and finally “deem themselves worthy”, what if you found out all that was totally unnecessary and putting in all that work actually slowed your growth…

Here’s the real truth of it all…


Let me explain.

The thing you bring of value is “YOU”.

For example, let’s say your friend owns a car wash.  Where would you go to have your car washed?  At your friend’s car wash of course.

Even if another one was a bit cheaper and / or a bit closer.

I want you to think of who your best friend is.  Got their name and their face in your mind now?

Now I want you to think of why they are your friend.  Is it because they come over and mow your yard every Saturday for free?  Do they come over and clean your windows every Monday?

Of course not, that’s not why they are your friend.

They are your friend because of how you feel about them, and how they make YOU feel when you are around them.

Now, if you REALLY needed your yard mowed and your windows cleaned, would they come help you out of a bind?  Of course they would.  Just like you would for them.  But the actual service isn’t why you are friends.

Same thing with referral partners.

I work with people who I genuinely like.  We just happen to do business together also.
These are people who I would hang out with anyway, we just happen to now work together also.

And here’s the other “truth” I have discovered.  There are over a thousand agents in our areas and there’s only 1 of you (me).  That puts the odds highly in our favor. 

It turns the table that YOU are the prize.

Now, with our friends (agents) that we work with, do we refer business to them when the opportunity arises… of course.

Do we help them build their business once we are working together… yes.  But keep in mind, I have found it best to work with very successful agents who already have a successful business and they really don’t need any help in that area.

Do we teach classes?  Well only if that is something that you truly enjoy doing, of course.  But understand, it’s totally not necessary.

Do we help them with social media?  Perhaps, but again, only if you already know how and only if you enjoy doing that.

They don’t work with us because of those things.  They work with you because you genuinely like them and people like people who like them and then refer to those people that they like.

In other words…


Now, do we need to close their loans on time.. yes

Do we need to give great communication during the loan process.. yesDo we need to follow up on their referrals like green on a pickle so they get more referrals from those leads going forward… absolutely. 

By the way, that’s the 3 things that over 10,000 agents said were most important to them during a large survey I did with agents.

So instead of spending a ton of time on doing things that are actually totally unnecessary, let’s spend that same time and energy actually connecting up with the agents who are already successful and simply find out which of those we have a natural connection with because….


Then and only then, of course you can learn how to help out in other ways… even though that is likely totally unnecessary.

the “Do you trust me?” script..

Something a little different this Saturday to help you out.

In this short video, myself and the lovely Mrs. White will give you the script to get more assistant help to close more loans in less time… even if you don’t have an assistant now!

This simple script has worked for me every time I have used it, and it also worked when one of the LOs in my branch used it on me…. (sneaky rascal she was..)

Let me know what you think.

Watch Short Video Here

Your Mortgage Maverik,

Carl White

Subject: 2 reasons why most LOs don’t ask for referrals… and how to fix it

I’m going to show you the 2 reasons why most LOs don’t ask for referrals, and then How To Fix It… read on…

Most loan officers rarely, clearly and specifically, ask for referrals, or as some say it, “ask for the business”.  (which is costing them a true fortune by not doing it)

There’s two reasons they don’t ask for referrals…

First, most people think that asking clients for more business is begging. And it makes them appear weak or that they can’t get business on your own. 

(Most of the time, this is being taught by somebody that’s trying to sell something that you very likely don’t need, or by somebody that has never actually been a successful loan officer themself)

But here’s the thing…

Rather than looking at referrals as a favor, that Realtors, past clients, and friends do for you… 

Understand that the ONLY reason people refer is because it makes THEM feel good about themselves!

They want to feel like an insider. They want to feel like a trusted advisor to their friends… and raise their status in the herd.

Remember this: Referrals are never about you. They’re about the person who is doing the referring.

And the second reason why most loan officers don’t ask for referrals is… 

They don’t understand that all referrals happen as a result of a conversation.

And in order for that referral to take place, three things need to happen…

Number one. Your client has to notice the conversation is about whatever it is that you do. In our case, helping people with their mortgages, buying homes, and / or debt consolidation.

Number two. Your client needs to think about you.

And number three… they have to introduce you to the person they’re in conversation with.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Referrals do happen spontaneously all the time. The problem is, you don’t have control over what happens next.

Think about it. How often do you meet somebody and they say, “Oh yeah, I tell everybody about you…” or, “Hey, did Bob call you? He was looking for a mortgage and I told him to contact you…”

How often do these things happen to you but people never show up at your door?

The reality is, for every referral that you do get, there’s probably five or seven more that never happen…

And therefore, once you understand WHY referrals happen, and HOW they happen… then it becomes all about engineering situations where they can happen more often.

Look at it this way: At the end of the day, orchestrating referrals is all about creating opportunities where…

You make people feel good about themselves.

The more referrals they give you, the more they feel good about themselves. 

It’s actually a byproduct that you happen to get more closings, thus more $$$.

A friend of mine, Dean Jackson, helped me out with this years ago, and I’m just paying it forward by sharing these words of wisdom to you now.

So go out there and help as many people feel good about themselves as you possibly can.  It’s the right thing to do and it’s very, very profitable without having to buy yet another shiny whistle.

It’s your turn now ☺

If you want some help with scripting, let me know. 

I got your back!

Oh, and can I count on you to forward this email to 3 of your friends that are also LO’s?  <ppssst, I just asked for a referral from you ☺ >

Your homie,
Carl White

New Year Message

This time of year can put people in the mood to reminisce, get nostalgic, and think about the good – and not so good – things that happened in the last year.

Personally, I go a little further in my thinking about things because I know somebody is smiling down on me. Because there is just no way a guy like me could achieve what I have on my own.

Let me just say upfront that God has been good to me.

Things have not always happened in what I thought was right timing but, in hindsight, they happened in the best possible timing.

Like when I had to take a chemistry course that I really wasn’t interested in but, once I got there, I was really interested in a beautiful young lady that was also taking that class.

Naturally, she was way better at that class than I was, so I made the best of that and got her to share her notes with me.

I charmed Maria with all my best moves (which, if you know me, are pretty limited).

Somehow she looked past all that and married me anyway.

To this day, that was the single best thing that ever happened to me. The second best thing was having my kids.

It’s really important to give credit where it belongs, whatever and whoever that means to you.

By giving thanks, you acknowledge that you are open to receiving more help and abundance and opportunities.

You remember that there is a bigger picture in everything that happens in life and, sometimes, the best skill you have is to enjoy the ride and give thanks for what you know is coming – especially if you can’t see what that means yet.

When it comes to my business, I give thanks to every ADGO (Another Darn Growth Opportunity) I’ve had in the past year.


Because they challenged me to rise to the occasion.

I needed to get outside my comfort zone and show up in a different way.

I had to learn something new to get through it. And yes, those things have happened in my business in 2021 in a special way.

People sometimes look at my life and think it’s all roses and sunshine but I am not here to blow smoke – it gets real for me too sometimes.

The bigger the stakes, the greater the potential for a fall.

I may not always handle it with the sophistication and refinement I’d like to have in the moment, but I am transparent with whatever is happening and look to help create the best possible outcome for everyone.

That’s one of my secrets – just show up and try to help things be better.

I also give thanks for each and every member of the Loan Officer Freedom Club because they inspire me to do better and go farther in my business so I can report back what’s working and what isn’t.

I am grateful for those who listen to the Loan Officer Freedom Podcast, and the people who connect with me on social media, and my business partners. 

Without all of you, I wouldn’t have the ability to help as many people as I / we can today.

To my mortgage loan customers who entrusted me with their future, I have been honored to use my skills, network, systems and experience to help you have the home to support you and your family in living your best life.

You help me stay on my toes so I can pay it forward to my students, my colleagues, my peers and my industry.

Another secret that has served me well is to honor each of my mentors – you know who you are – along the way has been a game-changer for me.

From deep conversations to mindset shifts to paradigm busters to war room strategies to busting my chops on stepping up, I appreciate each of you more than words can say. 

Because of you, I have the ability to help more people in ways that I couldn’t even imagine before you.

Did I make it to where I am on my own?

In a word, no.

Have I screwed up along the way? Have I fallen short sometimes?

Sure, a few times epically.

But I just got up and worked on being a better person because / despite it.

I am one blessed guy to be where I am and it all happened because I just kept showing up, putting one foot in front of the other, with God’s guidance and Maria at my side.

But I wish everyone who reads this to have that same kind of blessings and the smarts to know where the credit really belongs.

Being grateful for what you have only opens the door to receiving more of what you want. I’m living proof of it.

Forever grateful