Good news for LOs not working with the 3 big banks…

I just heard some breaking news from Fannie Mae that may be fantastic news for those of us that don’t work for the 3 “Big Banks”.

Watch quick recording here

I normally don’t talk so much about rates, because I have found with the right strategies and conversations, my success or lack thereof is not dependent on what “the market” is doing… my actions (or lack of action) is what dictates my volume.

However, when Kevin Gillespie gave me this breaking news, I hit the recorder so I could share with you this morning.

It could be good news… very good news.
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Carl White

Here’s one of my “Lead Getting” tools…

This one simple little form has produced me and other LOs that I’ve shared it with, pages and pages of referred leads (you know the kind that actually close) all for free.

Just Go Here and you can have instant access to it, no charge, no opt-in and you have my full permission to swipe and deploy.  Just take my name and company off and put yours on.

It’s pretty self-explanatory.  If you have any questions, just reply to this email and let me know.

Just put your info in every place that has the yellow highlight thingy.
I’ve also used this simple little golden nugget to start getting referrals from agents that I previously didn’t know.

I think the reason it works so well is its simplicity and virtually zero effort for either you or the agent to make it work.

Simply tell the agent that they will drastically increase their buyers and listings that convert to clients when both them and you are calling their leads.

The best part is, the leads are actually expecting you to call.  So, when I first started in the mortgage business, this really helped me with the call reluctance thing (yep, I deal with that too), and connect up with referring agents that I didn’t know the week before.

When I first started doing this, around 20 years ago, I would also get the agent to put in their last 90 days of “dropped leads” (leads that they forgot to call or just hadn’t had a chance to get back with). 

That alone was HUGE for me getting my first “15 loans closed this month” somewhere around my 6th month in the business.  And it just went up higher from there going forward.

Get the lead getting tool here, and if you have any questions, just click here, and we’ll walk you through it, again, no charge or anything uncool like that – at all.

We’ve all got to work together during changing times.  I got your back ☺

Your homie

Carl White

How to close more of your “leads”

When people struggle with lead conversion, or “closing leads into loans”, it’s often because of one simple mistake…
The loan officer doesn’t actually have a “true” lead.
You see, there is a major difference between an internet “lead” and a true REFERRED lead… Huge difference.

See, 98% of the time (literally), an internet lead that the LO either buys for themselves, or worse, buys and gives to an agent thinking they are “bringing something of value”, they are actually making their life and their agent business worse… worse with useless clutter.

It’s totally not their fault, but…
…Beginning and low producing LOs fall into the trap thinking that in time they will actually convert the internet leads into closings…

But the reality is…
There’s practically nothing you can do to convince anybody of anything… unless they already want it, and 98% of the time, internet leads don’t “want it”.

You can’t wrestle your leads down until they give in, can you?
The only thing you CAN do is to find out who already wants what you have.
In other words…

You can’t turn someone into a 5-star prospect, but you can discover who already IS one.

And you can do this simply by using the following five-step criteria…

Number 1: They’re willing to engage in a dialogue…
Number 2: They’re friendly and cooperative when you talk with them…
Number 3: They know what they want…
Number 4: They know when they want it…
And number 5: They want YOU to help them.

Which is much much much more likely with referred leads than with internet leads.

But here’s the thing…
All five of these steps have to be true in order for you to be working with an ideal client.
You can’t skip ahead. And you can’t artificially speed the process up.
So instead of being focused on short-term results of trying to convert internet leads… 
Think of it as a long-term investment. Something you’re willing to spend your time on…

Which is getting REFERRED Leads

You patiently educate and motivate prospective referral partners… week after week…
Until they convince themselves that referring to you is the right thing to do.
And make no mistake. It’s always until THEY convince THEMSELVES.
Because you can’t wrestle anyone into using you as their lender.

Step 1:  Focus on getting to know people who are already talking to your ideal client. 

Step 2:  Have conversations with those people and simply ask for referrals.

The end.

(Everything else is clutter and unnecessary work that is designed to keep you “busy” but not productive)

When you are ready to copy how we epically and successfully do Step 1 and Step 2…

Meet me here and I’ll give you the same exact demo that our top producers get in the Loan Officer Freedom Club.

Talk soon.

Carl White

Many thanks for my friend, Dean Jackson who taught me this simple message 15 years ago.  

Sneaky Trick…

Ok, I’m not actually sure if this is officially a “sneaky trick”, but it certainly falls into the “clever” category…  read on…

Here’s how to get your clients to talk to you during your regular office hours instead of them wanting to talk to you after hours (that time is carved out for family or just chill’n).

This is a note that Loan Officer Freedom Club leader, Tyler Osby sent to me.  It’s absolutely brilliant:  <here’s his note and clever idea>

…Hey Carl, if you ever have a client that’s not willing to carve out the time to discuss their loan during business hours, I’ve been having a lot of success saying the following:

“No problem! We can find a time outside of market hours to discuss your loan!

Before we do though, I wanted to confirm you knew what that meant to your loan terms…

Did you know when the market is closed, you actually pay .125%-.25% higher in rate because of something called ‘overnight protection’?

We can do a call after-hours, but it could literally cost you $20-$60/month to do it. Let me know!

My goal is always to help you secure the best terms possible, so I wanted to make sure you knew what it meant!

Are you able to carve out some time for a brief break, or lunch break to avoid the increased payment?”

….Tyler told me that he’s never had someone NOT carve out time after saying that.

So yea, hopefully that helps someone if you’re still running into friction on after-hours appointments.

Just sharing some morning coolness that was shared with me, because that’s how we roll around here ☺ 

Be sure to thank Tyler next time you see him for sharing with us.

Scripts for the top 5 buyer objections

Here’s some video shorts that will teach you how to cover the top 5 buyer objections so that you can give a quick answer that helps convert more prospects into buyers.

Top 5 Buyer Objections   <no charge and no opt-in required>

We’ll cover:

1. “I’m just shopping around for a mortgage right now…”

2. “Your rate seems high..”

3.  “I want the lowest rate…”

4.  “My Realtor gave me 3 lenders to call…”

5.  “I don’t want you to pull my credit because it will drop my score…”

Watch the videos then swipe and deploy ☺

You’re welcome.  That’s just the way we roll around here.

Talk soon,

Carl White