You’re Enough Video With CTA

As a loan officer we often feel like we need to provide value to our realtor partners. Well Tammy and I are here to tell you that you are the prize. Forget buying leads and creating flyers. YOU are enough. For more scripts & conversation starters, set up your one on one call with our coaches here: http://wrgo.io/TheMarketingAnimals/29487

Open House Gold

In this quick hit video, Carl White, host of the #1 podcast nationwide for Loan Officers, you’ll learn how to effectively use open houses to your advantage, whether it’s the top producer or a new agent sitting it. Carl shares his specific strategy on how to use a sign-in sheet that works as well as the right scripting for the follow up.

Dr. Butler Script

Listen in as Carl shares the Dr. Butler script that is going to be a game changer in the way you can implement this into your mortgage business.
Who knew you can give the same customer service to your clients by having someone else on your team, in office or even remote, reach out with the same valuable outreach as you would do? The effect on the client is far more important and means more to them than you can imagine.
Start having your “person” call using this script to continue to reach your clients and realtor partners in the most real and effective way.