Appreciation Ignites

Welcome to Loan Officer Freedom, the top podcast for loan officers. In this episode, Carl White and Leslie Girard share with you how to inspire your team, assistants, and processors to go the extra mile to help you close even more loans.

Leslie is one of our leaders in the Freedom Club here at Mortgage Marketing Animals who has inspired her team by helping them enjoy the rewards of the behind-the-scenes success. 

When each team member has an “all in it together” attitude, it allows company goals to become a reality. Everyone cares about the outcome because they truly feel appreciated with this type of reward for their part in the process. 

Learn how Leslie keeps her team energized and striving to grow more each year.

Let’s chat about more ways to scale your business and finish out the year strong. Here’s a link to schedule a free coaching call with one of our team members.

There’s A Cost of Waiting to Purchase

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers across the country, Carl is joined by Carin Buchanan, who is letting us get a peek into her well presented class that she shares with Real Estate agents. 

There’s a cost of waiting to purchase – and she will run down the numbers to prove those points in this podcast. As a loan officer, sharing knowledge and value to your real estate partners provides a bridge for continuous referrals.

Listen in to hear Carin go over how to present this to your real estate agents so that they can relay the message to their clients that purchasing now will help build wealth down the road. 
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Do I really need an assistant?

Welcome to Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers in the country. On this episode, you will hear a candid conversation between Carl White and loan officer Maria Wilder. 

Maria sent in some questions for Carl a couple weeks back and they went a little like this…

  1. If I can only make 1 hire at the present time, who should that person be?
  2. What does their pay structure look like?

They discuss what that 1st assistant does, how they help you close 5-7 more loans per month, what their pay structure looks like, and some huge landmines to avoid. 

Listen in as Maria shares some incredible growth in her business, having had her best month this past August closing a whopping 3.6M. Even in times like these, she stays the course by keeping the pipeline strong in ways that she reveals in this episode.  

One of the top questions you’ll be asking yourself after listening is “am I working with the right people?” Let us help map out what your course should be looking like to keep your pipeline strong. Schedule a complimentary call here.

Pardon My Rant…

In this episode, Carl maps out the most simple process for epic growth and how just 2 meetings a day can lead to your superstar results.

For more ways to overcome hurdles in the mortgage business, schedule a call here with our team and we will map out ways to jump right over them!

Big Basics, Sneaky Tricks, and Resources

Welcome to Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers nationwide. In this episode, I’m joined by one of my favorite people and a good friend of mine, Colleen Wood. 

Colleen is a fierce leader with the Wood Team – HomeTown Lenders. She starts off this podcast mentioning how she credits Mortgage Marketing Animals and The Freedom Club – mortgage coaching programs – for where she is now, but I want to stress that the success is truly from her focused work as she continues to achieve goal after goal – and I’m so proud of her.

In this episode, she’ll share her strategies and mortgage marketing efforts behind the success story.

Hear what we refer to in our program as “getting a bigger cup” and why drawing a larger circle and realizing you can do the work anywhere is a game changer. 

We also discuss reasons why “milking the cows” until you can’t anymore – around your areas – is a better way to approach this idea rather than reaching for the expanded shiny objects a bit too fast.  

Tune in to hear some amazing tips that Colleen gives us and get the lowdown on the best way to make the most of the market today.

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