Episode 182

Purchases and Refis ~ The 70/30 Approach

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In this value packed episode of Loan Officer Freedom, Carl White and Steve Kyles enlighten you as to why they feel the 70/30 approach regarding purchases and refis in a loan officer’s production per month is what they refer to as the sweet spot. Follow their proven activities to steer away from complacent thought processes.

 Join Carl and Steve as they share ways to clear the path, gather the tools, and turn your outlook around on hiring someone to increase your production. Don’t let overthinking detour you from learning how to delegate and build a team so you can do things that make you more money and begin to realize that even more is even easier.

 If you’d like us to help you set up a successful plan to grow your mortgage business with strategies that we’ve shared on this episode, set up your complimentary strategy call today by visiting www.LoanOfficerStrategyCall.com

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