Let it go, just be nice

I was hanging out with a longtime friend a few months back and we were reminiscing about times back when we were in grade school (yeah, it’s been a while ago).

He asked me if I remember the time one of our teachers drew a circle in the chalkboard and made him stick his nose in the circle for 15 minutes as punishment for something.

As he was reminding me of the story (which I clearly remember), tears started running down his cheeks, just like they did that day so many years ago.

He still carried the shame and pain of the punishment that was so many years ago.

The funny thing is, neither one of us could remember what the crime was… just the punishment… shame.

I suspect that the “teacher” had no idea the impact that 15 minutes had on this wonderful man’s life.

A simple act, so many years ago, still had an impact of shame.

And this guy, well, let’s just say he’s a true “man’s man”. By the looks of him, he could have been a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. And yet, he is still impacted by this person (the teacher) who is likely to be dead and gone by now.

All this got me thinking of 3 things.

1. Let it go. People who have disrespected you and/or said or did things to belittle you, made you feel unworthy (I think this is why so many LOs are afraid of asking for the business)…

…They didn’t know what they were doing and they likely didn’t even know the real “you”. Forgive them, and forgive yourself for believing their crap.

2. Be nice to people. You never know the major impact you may have on people or how long it will impact them. Both good and bad.

3. You are worthy. You are worthy of great things and you are worthy of great business. I think this is why so many LOs fall for the ol’ crap about how making calls is a bad thing. So many LOs waste soooo much money buying the shiny whistle with the false promise of “they will come to you begging..” yeah yeah, blah blah.

So be good. Be nice. And forgive yourself. And most of all, YOU ARE WORTHY!

That’s it.

I Believe In You.

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