Very weird results of study

I just finished reading a study done by Northwestern University that was totally not what I expected, yet it makes perfect sense.

Check this out, this study found that simply sitting within 25 feet of a high performer at work can improve our performance by 15%.

But wait, the next finding was shocking…

Sitting near a low performer decreased performance by up to 30%!


Come to find out this is called “performance spillover” and is a real thing.

“But wait, Carl, what if I work from home?”

Well, I would argue that this wouldn’t just be for who we sit next to, but who we hang out in online groups, who is on our / your Zoom meetings, who are we listening to, and who are we hanging out with (both during work and after).

It’s never been more important to hang out with the “winners” than it is now, and according to this study, even more important, to remove ourselves from negative situations/people.

So my gift to the industry has been to put together the largest daily gathering of POSITIVE Loan Officer WINNERS every M-F at 8:30 Eastern time for free.

Here’s Where We Meet Each Morning For Free

I’ve often thought that attending this daily meeting of awesomeness is one of the reasons my mortgage team is having a great year closing hundreds of loans each month…

… and now after reading this study, I have scientific proof of it.

So the moral of the story is, win with the winners and YES, it really matters who you hang out with.

Thanks so much for allowing me to hang out with you over the years.

See ya on the morning meeting,

Loan Officer on fire!!

Yepper, Kambi Heywood is on FIRE. I was just talking to her and she told me she has been in the business for 27 years and has been a steady 5 loans per month for quite some time.

Now that’s not to shabby at all, and most would call that pretty good, and most would be satisfied with “pretty good”….

… but not Kambi.

90 days ago she committed to our Call Stars program.

She just reported that after years of pretty good, that she has 11 loans scheduled to close this month!

So while most LOs are tapping out or at the very least, settling on smaller paychecks each month, she literally had a 110% increase in the last 90 days.

We call that “epic” where I come from.

She was telling me that with the extra money she made in the increase in loans last month, she used some of it to help her 17 year old son buy his first car.

She said he’s doing so well and I could tell she is so proud of him, that I could see the gratitude in her eyes when she shared this story on a Zoom call we were on.

So instead of “waiting until things turn around”, she is turning things around.

It’s what the winners do.

I’m sharing this today to help encourage and to show what happens when we commit to making things happen and actually do real sales activity.

We have really found that Call Stars seems to move the needle more than virtually everything else combined.

When you are ready to get a free live demo of how that works, Just Go Here <no charge>

We don’t stamp out fires, we create them!

Carl White

Closing Gifts What Was A Dud, and What Was A Home Run

One of our Freedom Club members (our top-level LO mastermind group) asked a great question…

“I am seeking some ideas for unique closing gifts that I can send out. Ideally, something universal that I can leave a lasting impression and that has my branding on it. Any ideas you can share with me?”

My response:
Great question! Here’s the thing, we have found that we don’t need to leave a “lasting impression”, as we will be contacting them quarterly with a phone call (using our past database scripts and the automated system) and monthly with our “handwritten” note (also done automatically).

Think of it like not needing a lasting impression when you leave a friend’s house after playing cards. You’ll be back next week….

Follow-up out trumps a closing gift every time.

The follow-up we do is 3-fold:

1. Call with a simple script 4 times a year (this is the most powerful and we have figured out a way to automate it).

2. Snail mail once per month. This has proved to give us huge results. The trick is to NOT send a newsletter or corporate looking postcard. We have found that an actual letter produces more goodwill and leads than anything else (I can show some examples of what we do).

3. And finally, a weekly email. The email we have found that gets us the best response isn’t about mortgages, it’s about what’s going on this weekend around your area. At the end of the email, there is a simple call to action that we call the“Super Signature” which has proved to be the secret sauce.

When I did a closing gift that had a “last impression”, it had zero effect on my closings from those past clients going forward. It wasn’t until I added the 3-fold follow-up strategies that I saw an explosion in my measured results.

This follow-up approach gives us an average of 1 closing per 100 people in our database per month. So if you have 500 people in your past database, that would be 5 closings…. PER MONTH, just from this simple strategy.

Now, to answer your most excellent question, I found giving them pizzas on moving day worked very well for me. After all, it’s what friends do for each other.

So, to schedule a time where we can map out, show you samples, and share how we do all this, along with my proven scripts, click here and I’ll get you set up.

If you have time, we can also show you all the benefits of members that you may be missing out on, but either way, it’s all good and totally cool.

After all, it’s what friends do for each other….

Surprising LO study results

Good news:
A recent large study showed that 54% of all borrowers only speak to 1 originator.. which happened to be the 1st one they talked to. Remember, they only talked to a grand total of “1”.

Get this, 92% closed with 1 of the first 2 that they spoke with.

So that means that for the vast majority of us, only 8% are “shoppers” and the other 92%, as long as we actually answer our phones, we have a very good shot of closing the deal.

What that all means is, if we are finding ourselves with more than 8% shopping us, we likely have 1 of 2 issues

read on…

The ONLY 2 issues that would have an LO getting shopped more than 8% of the time is…

1. The source of your leads
2. Your scripting

As it turns out, “referred leads” close at about 25%. So, want 8 closings for the month? You just need about 1 referred lead per day.

Just that simple.

(by the way, we can show you how to get even more referred leads on this call)

If you find yourself significantly lower than 25% on referred leads, it’s likely a scripting issue.

More good news…

I can significantly help you with scripting.

If you don’t think scripting is a big deal, try giving out your phone number with 1 number missing or 1 number changed… well, the desired result changes DRASTICALLY with just that one small change. That’s scripting.

The same is true with how we make our offers to real estate agents to start or continue referring to us AND when we make our offers to our prospective borrowers.

It’s a big big big deal.

I have spent my entire career crafting my messages, and working on my scripting. It has been a very very very good use of my time.

When you are ready to hang out on a Zoom and bounce ideas back and forth, whether it’s scripting or “How to get even more referred leads”, I’ll totally hook you up on my dime.

Just pick a day and time here. It’ll be a very good use of our time.

Cheers to being the 1st one they talk to (holding up my glass of herbal tea as a toast)

Good news!!!! (finally)

It seems like there has been a great shift in the market!

This past Tuesday, these were just a few of the reported “wins”…

Greg shared that he secured two contracts over the weekend and received one referral from one of his borrowers. Fantastic work, Greg!

Marla has been making her Thor’s Hammer calls, targeting real estate agents, and she picked up a referral from a top agent. Way to go, Marla!

Merrily worked the MoveTube Open House system with a group of agents and pulled three applications from it. Incredible effort, Merrily!

Tanya had a great weekend with 3 new contracts.

Vincent is closing $1.4 million in volume this month and has $2 million lined up for next month, he said “Thanks to the DailySuccess Plan”.

So it seems that those that have a burning desire and taking action, pushing through their fears are really seeing a shift.

I just think it’s important to know what’s really happening so we know what’s possible when we do the same things.

Is it your turn now?

We’ll map out exactly what they are doing here.

It’s your turn now (and you are worthy).