I hope this comes across in a cool way

How many times have we said, “Boy, if I knew then what I know now, I’d be rich, and my life would be so different…”  (not that your life isn’t great now, but you get the idea)?

Here’s my question for you today….

Are you using what you know now?

For instance, you know calling your past database would result in a ton of new business… so are you calling them?

You now know that 67% of all purchase loans close with the loan officer that the real estate agent recommended, so prospecting successful real estate agents is a main goal of the top loan officers, are you dedicating at least 8 hours a week doing that?  Doing that activity that you 100% know would boost your loan production and income.

Or are you 3 years from now going to be saying, “Gee, if I would have done then what I know I need to implement today, I would be greatly successful…”.

First of all, it’s not your fault that you may not have implemented the very things that you know would have moved the needle for you.  You see, we ALL have had chains that held us back.

The key is to simply remove those chains.  To free ourselves up to do what we already know to do.  
Usually, it’s fear of failure that holds us back.  Or perhaps, fear of looking stupid.  Maybe it’s ‘call reluctance.’

All of those are solved by simply knowing what to say and who to say it to, which would give you your greatest results.

When you are ready to see how we pull it off in my own personal mortgage team and has us closing hundreds of loans a month, just meet me here and I’ll hook you up <no charge>.

No guilt or anything like that of perhaps not doing it to our fullest in the past.  It’s all about moving forward… now that you know what you know ☺

Let’s make it so that 3 years from now we are going to pat ourselves on the back for taking good care of ourselves and setting us up for success…

Because now we know.

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