Big numbers from the smallest state…

Congrats to David Liccardi (a leader in the Freedom Club) for going from 3 units in Jan (not shabby at all in today’s market) to closing 13 in April.

David lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and says that tracking, using a VA to help set up meetings with top producing agents, and simply asking for the business has been the perfect trifecta for the explosion in business that he has seen.

Oh, and David is on track to hit DOUBLE the volume and units over last year.

2 reasons I wanted to tell you about this.

1. Let’s help our brother celebrate his victory.
2. To remind us all that our actions dictate our success, not “the market”.

Some LO’s all across the country are having their best months ever, all while some others are having their worst…

… It’s all about the actions that the winners put in place and the lack of “loan getting” action that the ones that are struggling experience.

See, our desire must outtrump our fears. That’s really the name of the game.

Congrats David on having your dreams and desires lead your direction and kicking those fears in the teeth! And congrats on your son’s graduation!! #ProudPapa

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