The “Rule” that changed everything

One thing that has really helped me to have long term relationships is the “25% Rule”.

This rule has also saved me a ton of time avoiding time sucking, one sided relationships.

Here’s the rule, it has 4 parts:

1. 25% of the people LOVE YOU no matter what you do.

Now of course we need to do the right things with them, treat them with amazing love, but these people are the dream to have in your life and will forgive you of the occasional “Oopps!” (we all have those from time to time)

2. 25% of the people DON’T like you, no matter what you do.

Even if you toss these people gold coins, they’ll complain that you are throwing something at them.

3. 25% of the people LIKE YOU, but are on the fence, and at the whiff of an issue of any sort or size, they fall into the camp of “DON’T LIKE YOU”.

These are the relationships where “you are only as good as your last “thing” together.

4. 25% of the people DON’T like you, but are on the fence, that if you juggle just enough bowling balls, they like you for a period of time, but as soon as you drop one of the balls, they don’t like you again. 

The secret to life is to find and hang out with the 25% that love you no matter what! 

These relationships/friends will be long term and lead to a business life of Happy, Joyous, and Freedom. 

Hanging out with the other 75% is a wasted effort, and leads to a life full of Restless, Irritable, and Discontent. 

The key to all this is identifying who is in which group, which takes a bit of time. 

I have found that to do this requires a bit of patience and effort to get out and meet people… as it’s all a numbers game. 

The more people that you meet with, the more of the “25% that will love you no matter what” you will find. And when you find those that fall into your 25% “Love You no matter what” category, it’s just the coolest thing ever! 
Just wanted to share with you the 25% rule so perhaps you can have an even more epic life of love and coolness particularly with the holidays coming up.

It’s that time of year to double down.  While most loan officers check out and hold off, the winners check in and put together and work a successful proven plan.

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See ya inside… with the winners 😉

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