Episode 312

Swamp vs. Well Marketing

In this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, your top loan officer podcast in the country, Carl White and Steve Kyles discuss Loan Officer Freedom, what they call a safe haven for loan officers to recharge and take a break from the stressful work environment. They compare it to an oasis in the middle of a desert filled with sand, carcasses, and skeletons. Carl also loves hummingbirds and lush greenery, which adds to the peacefulness of his vision of Loan Officer Freedom.

The conversation turns to their successes, with Steve chatting about the recent Puerto Rico Freedom Club event and being inspired by the winners. They go on to discuss the difference between swamp marketing and well marketing, with swamp marketing being a wide but shallow approach and well marketing being small but deep. They compare swamp marketing to brackish water, which is undrinkable, and well marketing to a deep well with amazing water.

Carl explains the concept of well digging, which involves attracting a large audience and then identifying the most likely successful candidates for a product or service. For example, inviting real estate agents to a class and filtering out those who have closed at least 8 buyer sides in the last 12 months.

Steve emphasizes the importance of having 40 qualified agents who refer at least one deal per quarter to the business in order to close 160 deals per year. Steve goes over a specific strategy to market with this. Tune in to hear about it…

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