Oops, I think you missed this.

Here’s what you missed out on at our last meeting:

1. Yours truly walked through the 12-Step Sales Message Template that I have used for years and have never shared until this meeting. It’s been a game changer for me as I use this template on my calls, my emails, my texts, social media posts, pretty much everything.  This attracts clients like tourists to a beach!

Following this template will drastically increase your conversions on your “call to actions”. Whether it’s to meet with you, or to start referring to you, knowing these 12 steps is a game changer for sure.

2. Podcasting For Results: Devon Dubuc shared how he gets leads every time he does a podcast.

3. How Creative Presentation Skills Landed A Partnership With 1,500 Real Estate Agents: Emmanuel St. Germain

4. How To Leverage AI To Get Even More Referrals: Chris Johnstone

5. The Presentation And Planner That Has Agents Running To Me Like Cats To The Fish Docks: Jason Wagner

6. “What I Wish I Would Have Known, That I’ll Share With You Now” Top Producer Panel: Suzanne Downs, Ken Prost, Dave Tallman, and Cynthia Rock.

7. “Done For You Agent Presentations That Actually Work”.
Our own Tammy Schneider has put together over a dozen “Done For You” classes that have been pulling for us like a pack of mules.

8. State Of The Mortgage Industry… And It’s Good News For The Action Takers: Kevin Broughton (this dude is one of the smartest people I know)

9. Getting Agents And Buyers Off The Fence, The Art Of Persuasion For Their Good And Your Profit: Steve Kyles the Scripting Ninja

10. How To Use AI To Maximize Production And Automation: Toni Taylor

11. Social Media Daily Success Plan: Chelsea Gardner

12. Execution Of Your Plan, The Art Of Getting Things Done (even when you don’t feel like it): Dan Ellis

13. Tracking Your Numbers Like A Boss, How The Winners Do It: Doug Cadaret

14. “Cutting Out The Negative Thoughts That Lie To You”: Glenn Geraci

15. “How I Got 129 Referrals From Realtors In 30 Days”: Leon Belov

16. “Printing $100 Bills Via My Database”: Dave Wicki

17. “How I Met With 99 Agents… 1 At A Time”: Bobby Welch

18. “How I Had My Best Month Ever In October”: Dean Hayes

19. “How We Went From 2 Closings A Month To Closing 9 Last Month… while we traveled Europe….”: Patty Davis and Paul Barrett

…. And there’s actually more.

This doesn’t even account for all the magic that happens during our lunches and dinners that we are doing together.

Getting together with like-minded people is sooooo critical. It’s how the winners win.

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