The 4 Steps for Success

In this episode, Steve Kyles and Carl White share the 4 steps of adding talent to their team of loan officers.

Whether you’re a Branch Manager looking for the best ways to attract the right LOs or a loan officer wondering what questions to ask when being approached with opportunities – this is your episode. 

Carl and Steve are sharing their own strategies on how to go about bringing on new loan officers who are willing to do the work and structure their processes with a solid plan. 

Listen in to hear how it’s broken down by the who, the hook, the platform and the follow-up. 

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Who Does What For A Top Producer’s Office

Welcome to your #1 podcast for loan officers in the country. In this episode, Carl White is joined by Steve Kyles. Tune in as Steve pulls the curtains back and shares how to copy his proven plan for an even more smooth, flawless, and on-time closing, all while decreasing stress for the loan officer.

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4 Reasons To Join The Freedom Club

4 Ways We Can Help You

People ask, “Carl, how can you help me as a Branch Manager/Loan Officer/Company owner?”

In this video, I’ll explain the 4 primary ways we can do that with our coaching program.

1) Combination of attraction systems to produce more referred leads while working a shorter week

2) Actually converting those leads with the right referral partners, the right follow up, and working your past database

3) Helping you double your business in a 32-hour workweek by taking the right actions for the right returns – so you can spend more time with family

4) Creating wealth and being profitable by building the right team at the right time, so you can be on the road to financial freedom<magic beans are not included in this package>*no jerks policy (per Carl)

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Yes, Loan Officers Can Have a Residual Income from Loans

In this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers in the country, Carl White interviews Emmanuel St. Germain, a valued Freedom Club member. 

Emmanuel discovered a program where loan officers can retire with residual income from past clients and referral sources.

You’ll hear how it’s presented to seasoned loan officers who have an existing database and how he partners with them to teach the marketing fundamentals he has learned from being a part of The Freedom Club. 

Marrying the loan officer to the established system allows them to fully squeeze the juice out of the lemon, showing them that once they retire, they’re still bringing income in from the system they used as it continues to be fruitful. 

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