You becoming a Loan Officer Celebrity

I stumbled upon something that turned out to be a goldmine.

Imagine this, you walk into an Open House, and the real estate agent looks up, smiles, and says “I can’t believe it’s you and you’re here..” as if Oprah, or Jimmy Fallon just walked in.

Or you walk into the local board of realtors because THEY CALLED YOU for a personal invitation and when you walk in the crowded room, you hear whispers, “It’s her” or “It’s him”… as if Tom Hanks or Jennifer Aniston just strolled in.

Or you submit your pre-approval letter and it gets moved to the top above all other offers because they see your signature and they already know you (and you have never even met them).

I know this may sound far-fetched, but myself and a select few other loan officers have actually had these and other things like this actually happen to us…. often.

It all started happening when I started doing podcasts.

The funny thing is, most of us simply turn on our laptop, go to a zoom meeting, click the record button, and then ask great questions to our guests.

Then we share that zoom recording to the “podcast elves” in the next room, they click a couple of buttons on a secret software that then uploads and broadcasts that 1 recording to over 20 platforms automatically. 

Platforms?  Think iTunes Podcasts, you get an “iHeart Radio Station Channel” (for free), Amazon Podcasts, Stitcher, basically all the major sources just like the other major players like Ryan Seacrest, all for free.

It’s crazy how this positions you.

We don’t have to be an expert on the topic, we just ask great questions.

You can snag my list of over 105 killer questions that myself and my Podcast Guru friend, Ginger Bell, have been using for our best interviews as part of our complete Loan Officer Podcast System that we just released for a limited time.

Who do you interview?

Top real estate agents in your area!  They LOVE and deserve getting invited and having the well-deserved spotlight shined on them.

Who do you target to listen to?

Other real estate agents listening to the insider secrets that your guest is dropping like confetti at a New Year’s Eve Party. I bought a list of over 1,000 top producing real estate agents in my area (those closing at least 8 buyer sides in the last 12 months), and then started inviting them and sending them my podcast.

I also posted the episodes on my social media and on the local real estate agent group pages.

Makes for really effective social media ads too.  That’s how we monetize social media ads to actually get referred leads that convert for my loan team at around 25%, rather than the lame “consumer direct” strategies that suck money from us like a thirsty camel.

It’s all a win / win / win scenario.

Your top producing guests loved to be interviewed, and then are ripe to become referral partners with you.

Your listeners, all the real estate agents in your area, benefit from the great information that your awesome guests share (because of your great questions) and see you as the “Oprah”.

It causes great intrigue about getting to know you because you are the magnetic hub that all the top producers are hanging out with and that are on your podcast show.

And you, well, you have a completely unfair advantage for being the “mayor” of your new tribe.

It makes the calls, meetings, and getting REAL referrals sooooo much easier and all with higher conversion ratios when you are already known by all… before you even talk with them for the first time!

Everybody loves working with a local celebrity.. which may now be YOU.

I know this may sound far-fetched, and a little, “yeah, but it’s just me…”

…we thought so too, until we actually took action and started to do it.

Go Here to get your complete Loan Officer Podcast guide of all our questions, the equipment needed (laptop and a mic), the software that automatically distributes to all the major platforms for free, and a simple step by step checklist of everything you need to know.

Oh, and I would love to hear your first podcast and share it to others to help inspire them to do the same… that’s how we roll around here.

Action is the first symptom of desire!

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