Unlocking More Referrals: A Strategy for Every Agent

It’s no secret that the bulk of our referrals come from agents who have closed 8 or more buyer sides in the past year.

However, my mortgage team and I have also seen a significant number of closings from agents who only complete a few deals annually.

Wait, whaaaaat

You might wonder how we manage to achieve this feat, given that it involves collaborating with hundreds of these lower-producing agents to get even a handful of closings each month. The secret to our success lies in a strategy we’ve perfected over time, which we call:

High Touch, High Tech, Low Time

This approach ensures our referral partners receive personalized attention (High Touch) through the use of advanced technology (HighTech), all while demanding minimal time investment from our team(Low Time).

It’s the formula that makes working with a vast number of lower-producing agents not only feasible but also profitable and scalable.

Many loan officers (LOs) find themselves stuck in a cycle of High Touch, Low Tech, High Time efforts. This approach is time-consuming and often leads to frustration and burnout.

If you’re looking to break free from this cycle, it’s crucial to shift your focus.

I’m known for showing LOs how to focus on relationship marketing with Qualified Agents—those closing 8 or more buyer sides in the last 12 months.

However, there is plenty of gold in lower-producing referral partners, but you must adopt the High Touch, High Tech, Low Time strategy.

This balance will allow you to maximize your closings without overwhelming your schedule.

To help you implement this strategy effectively, we’ve identified a tool that hundreds of LOs are already using to maintain High Touch, High Tech, and Low Time interactions with their referral partners.

Discover the Tool That’s Changing the Game for LOs

Your success is well within reach. Embrace the right strategies, and you’ll see your referral numbers soar.

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