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Be Part of The Conversation
Create Your Reality

Positive energy is flowing when these two highly engaging superstars begin throwing gems of information on how surrounding yourself with greatness is the key to a productive day. 

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, I hand the mic over to my good friends, Josh Pitts, host of The Shred Show, and Frank Garay, top industry leader and influencer of the mortgage world.  

Frank tells us about his new zoom meeting and Facebook live movement, Loan Officer Breakfast Club, open to all loan officers nationwide to jump on and interact or even just listen in for inspiration and roadmap type direction for the reality of big success. 

As Josh stresses in this episode, you’ve got to show up, you’ve got to be a part of the conversation, and be ready to embrace the industry changes as well as the marketing strategies that are working for LOs just like you. 

Be part of the conversation Monday thru Thursdays from 8:30 – 9:00 am EST by registering at

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GSD – Simply Put, Get Stuff Done

Do you ever feel that you aren’t worthy of the income you make or feel the imposter syndrome creeping up within you?

In this episode of Loan Officer Unplugged, Carl White and Steve Kyles, two of the most influential masterminds of the mortgage world, bring you another jam packed 30 minutes full of solid information gained from years of being successful branch managers.

Learn how to knock the walls down that you tend to build in your own mind by using what Carl refers to as GSD–and of course what he means is, Get Stuff Done. Why? What were you thinking?

Tune in and focus on the inspiring knowledge Carl and Steve share so you can implement these crucial steps of “watering the flowers and pulling the weeds.”

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Part II–9 Ways To Make Mo’ Money


How To Close More Loans While Groovin’ Through Life…

Back to the grind? No thanks…we’d rather show you how to get back to the groove instead. In this episode, me and my good friend, Mike Cardascia, lay out detailed plans to make this happen for you and your business.

We recap on the actions we talked about on the part 1 of 9 Ways to Make Mo’ Money and continue the 9 steps here.

From getting a bigger cup to targeting bigger areas, you’ll make yourself more valuable leading to your goal of getting paid more without doing extra work.

Listen in while we clearly map out these proven strategies that has made loan officers increase their income dramatically.

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Part I–9 Ways to Make Mo’ Money

Do you struggle with finding qualified agents? Maybe you don’t feel worthy enough to be in the million-dollar club? In this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast worldwide for loan officers, I’m joined by my good friend and mastermind coach, Mike Cardascia, giving you part I of our ‘Make Mo Money’ series.

We will give you reasons to fight those intimidation fears, and why we know you are worthy of this, just like those currently pulling in that loan production.

Mike and I bounce ideas and highly effective marketing strategies off each other to get you on the path that we show our loan officers.

You’ll be able to use the right scripts for the right agents and find out how and where to target for the best and most efficient referrals possible.

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The “I have To Give 3 Cards” Script

So I was sitting in my office the other day and Sue, a loan officer who is a private consulting client of mine, sent me over a message as a quick SOS signal. Here was her message:

“I have a realtor with me right now – here’s the question: Her brokers (she is in FL) tell her that there is a “law” that she has to recommend more than one lender. I know there is no such law, but what do I say to her Carl? I need to know ASAP as I’m sitting with her now. Thanks!”

How many times have we all heard the ‘ol “I have to hand out 3 cards” response from agents?!

Now, some of the time, this is a real situation that is in agents’ minds that they really think they do need to hand out 3 cards based on some erroneous information that somebody has given them. Other times it’s nothing more than a “deflection” response from agents, you know, meaning that you really haven’t given them a reason to give out just your card…


You don’t actually want them to give your card to a prospect, who may or may not call you, by the way.


…you want the agent to tell the prospect you will be calling them, then that agent call you and give the referral to you. This ensures a solid connection, instead of the ol’ “well, I gave them your card, I’m not sure why they didn’t call you…” response from agents.

So here’s the script that I sent over to Sue, my private consulting client:

“Awesome, it’s an honor to be one of the 3. At least we know that 1 out of every 3 of your referrals will close on time and you will have great communication on the loan process, and that 1/3rd of the time that your leads will be followed up like great on a pickle, so at least on those, you will get even more referrals from them once they are in your past database. On the other 2, well, all bets are off.”

Now, let’s talk about that script for a minute and I’ll explain why it works so well, and give you some follow up information that will help you get a lot more referrals in other ways too.

A few years ago I sent a survey out to around 15,000 real estate agents asking them what their #1 complaint was with loan officers that they refer to.

Here’s what came back in the order of importance to them:

#1: They don’t close on time

#2: They don’t communicate with me on the loan process, I don’t know what’s going on with the file.

#3: The loan officer doesn’t follow up on my leads

So I knew right then what to focus on in my marketing to agents….

I call this my “Realtor Referral Getting” Checklist:

1. Close on time!

2. Communicate with them every Tuesday morning on what’s going on with the files we are working on together (either me or my team calls them with updates)!

[by the way, there’s another script my team uses to get tons more deals when we do those weekly updates. Be sure to ask me about the “Just Ask” script when you do your complementary strategy call with us by going here:

3. Follow up on their leads relentlessly!

So you want to weave those 3 things in all of your marketing and scripts because those are the things they said are most problematic with their current lender they are giving all their referrals too.

When you cover those 3 things, you’ll get a deluge of business from agents…


But listen to this, it’s one thing to say you’re going to do those 3 things, it’s another to actually do them.


But we can talk about how to structure “who’s doing what” in your current day to day activity to show you how to use your current resources to make those 3 things happen like clockwork during your strategy call. It’s way easier than you think…

…it’s just prior to now, nobody has shown you how…

… but once you know just a few things, you’ll see how epic your mortgage business can be, getting even more referrals and all with less stress

On your strategy call, we will be going over some other “loan getting” scripts too. This call will be a great source for even more free scripts

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