Quick thought from this morning…Screw Realistic!

When President John F. Kennedy pledged in 1962 that America would land a man on the Moon and return home safely to the Earth before the decade was over, he noted that achieving this would require a rocket “made of new alloys, some of which have not yet been invented, capable of standing heat and stresses several times more than have ever been experienced, fitted together with a precision better than the finest watch, sent on an untried mission, to an unknown celestial body”.In other words, to meet the national goal, the country was relying on rocket scientists to figure out how to get the job done. And notably, the 1960s were an era where computers had only just been invented and had not yet moved from the lab to the desktop.

So this was a totally “unrealistic” goal… yet, the goal was met on July 20th, 1969.

So as you think of what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months, envision a world where you have the help that you need, the strategies that will get you there, and people that are “already there”, guiding you step by step on exactly how to get there.

Screw realistic!!

When Kristen, from the small town of Clermont, Florida, met with me a few years ago having made $38,000 the previous 12 months, she wouldn’t have that it was “realistic” to make over $1,000,000 in the last 12 months as W-2 income as a loan officer, which she has now done.  (I give her all the credit, by the way).

She made a plan, followed the plan, and threw “realistic” out the window.

So let’s stop thinking “realistic” and let’s start planning for your moon landing…. All without being “busy”.

Carl White

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