Loan Officer with endless amount of “lives”…

I was talking with Mike Cardascia yesterday and he told me that loan officers are playing a video game and have an endless amount of lives.

At first, I thought he may have gotten into his roommate’s “stash”, but then he explained himself and I thought it was absolutely game changingly brilliant.

Here’s the thing, when we call prospects, both borrowers and referral partners, sometimes we fear those calls that if they say “no thank you”, that somehow we are going to die.

I mean after all, some are going to say “I’m already working with somebody”, or “I’m not interested”, or “Can you call me next month”…

And let’s face it, we do have to push through rejection, and we will talk to some people that aren’t having a good day…

But also in those conversations, you do find people that want you to help, they want to get a loan from you, they want to send you referrals.

As long as you keep prospecting, you will close more loans.

So what Mike told me is, we all need to treat this like a video game with endless lives.

And what he meant by that is, when you make your calls, some are going to say “no thank you”, and when they do….

…you aren’t going to get hurt, you aren’t going to get sick, you aren’t going to get a bad reputation, you aren’t going to lose your business.

Treat it like a video game with endless lives. 

You only get the upside of doing the activities, which is getting more loans, which gets you more $$$, which gets you more freedom.

You aren’t going to “die” by getting some “no thank you’s”.  Nothing bad is going to happen.

There is no “boogeyman”.  There’s only loans that you aren’t getting because you may not be making some of those calls.

We just have to be ok with not everybody wanting to work with us.  We don’t “die” because of that.  Nothing bad happens at all.  It’s all just crap in our own head.

After all, it’s like you are playing a video game of endless lives…

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose!

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