Case study: From 2 loans to now 10 loans this month

Iris Guzman is a loan officer in Albuquerque, NM. She is an amazing person with an amazing story.. read on…

In a period of 6 months, her conversion percentages across all stages of her pipeline have increased from less than 5 % “referral to close” to over 33% and in February she funded 8 loans for $2,016,426 and closed out March with 10 fundingfor$2,452,644.

She already had amazing talent, it was simply a matter of putting together the right plan with the right people.

On Zoom meetings with Dan, her coach, she created a file flow and created the ideal role for what help she needed, and then he coached her on having a conversation with her manager on what she needed for him.

The result? Well, going from 2 loans 6 months ago to 10 closings this month, imagine you make $3,000 per loan.

That would be like going from $6,000 in a month in personal income to $30,000 this month!

We call that EPIC where I come from…

Iris texted Coach Dan and said, “I cannot believe this is really happening. I have to pinch myself..”

A big congrats to Iris for making it happen by pushing through the fears that we all have, and taking action anyway!

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