Episode 3

Getting rid of the craziness

Episode 3 Carl

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Getting rid of the craziness…

When it comes to hiring an assistant, these are the three most common excuses I hear from LO’s:
1. “I only close 10 (or less) a year now. I can’t afford to hire an assistant.”
2. “My company won’t hire an assistant for me until I close X amount of loans a month.”
3. “An assistant would be nice, but I can manage on my own.”

Here’s the thing – No matter where you’re at in your business, you need help. Honestly, you can’t afford to NOT have help.
On a consistent basis with the loan officers I coach, I see their businesses double within 12 months (usually way less than that) from hiring a talented assistant who frees them up to concentrate on high pay-off activities to secure a constant flow of business.
In this episode, we brought back my good friend and Freedom Club coach, Ralph Watkins. Ralph has a knack for finding and utilizing assistants, and he’s here to walk us through the entire process!

Here’s a sampling of some of what Carl and Ralph discuss in this episode:

  • The mindset for successful team building
  • How to close more loans while working less
  • A list of tasks your assistant should do
  • Investing ahead to create continual growth
  • How to establish an accountability dynamic
  • And much more!!

If you have questions about this topic, set up a free strategy call with one of our coaches at loanofficerfreedom.com/strategycallrequest

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