I Was Doing It Wrong…

Early in my loan officer career, I was working 50-70 hours a week. The funny thing is, my co-workers at the time encouraged me to work those kinds of hours.

They patted me on the back and said things like “nobody works harder than you”, or the ol’ “Carl, you are a working stud.”

It was like it was a badge of honor.

It wasn’t until a very dear friend of mine asked, “How’s that working out for your family?” that I took an honest assessment of my “success.

”I responded back, “There’s no such thing as work / life balance.”

My friend squared me up and said 17 words that changed my life:

“If you think there is no such thing as work / life balance, you are doing it wrong…”

I went home that night and really pondered that.

I started questioning everything that I was doing.

And then it occurred to me, he was right. I was indeed doing it wrong.

I saw some of the top loan officers were working night and day, 7 days a week, while other top loan officers were working 32-hour work weeks, or even less.

So I started interviewing and studying those LOs that worked less than 40 hours a week, yet were helping even more families than I was, and making even more money than I was.

I compiled their top strategies and came up with what I have been using for the last 16 years with great success.

It’s called the Daily Success Plan or DSP.

It’s a very simple set of daily activities that we do Monday-Thursday from 9-11am. That’s our prospecting time.

We do it first thing in the morning, so that the “clutter and fires” don’t get in the way of prospecting.

Don’t get so busy building the farm that you forget to milk the cows…

We found that when we focus our first 2 hours on this Daily Success Plan, that we can close 20, 40, even 50+ loans per month of personal production, all while having that previously elusive “Work / Life Balance” by working less than 40 hours / week.

I found that I didn’t have to change everything, I just had to make simple tweaks to what I was already doing.

And honestly, it was just doing the DSP.

Simple activities, done 9-11am Monday – Thursday that provides massive results.

What a wonderful career we all have stumbled upon!!

Let’s walk you through the DSP. No gimmicks, no software to buy, just a simple set of activities that helps us close more loans with less headaches and more time for “coolness”.

We’ll even customize it to the activities that you are already doing, just with less

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