EPIC loan officer lessons from a Superbowl legend


Gentlemen, this is a football!”  That is one of the most famous and often used sports quotes in history.

However, most don’t know its real history or how to apply it to their mortgage businesses and lives… read on..

Vince Lombardi kicked off the first day of training camp for his Green Bay Packers football team.

The prior season had ended in a heartbreaking loss to the Philadelphia Eagles after blowing a lead in the 4th quarter of the NFL Championship Game.

When the players came in to start training camp, they expected to immediately begin where they left off and work on ways to advance their game and learn fancy new ways to win the championship in the new season.

But when they sat down and began, Vince Lombardi held up a football and said, “Gentlemen, this is a football!”

He then had everyone open up their playbooks and start on page one, where they began to learn the fundamentals – blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, etc.

That was clearly not what they expected as players who were at the top of their game, but had indeed lost a “sure win” Superbowl the year before.

This hyper-focus on fundamentals allowed them to win the NFL Championship that season 37-0 against the New York Giants.

Vince Lombardi went on to win five NFL Championships in seven years. He never coached a team with a losing season after that and never lost a playoff game again.

If focusing on fundamentals can elevate a great team to such heights, imagine what it can do for your mortgage business and life.

We are often putting time, energy, and money into looking for the next magic bullet, magic bean, quick fix, or business trick. Instead, we should focus on the fundamentals.

One of the greatest mistakes loan officers make is NOT focusing on the fundamentals. They often don’t even realize what their business fundamentals are.

If we have not identified the fundamentals – we cannot work on continual improvement of them!

“Magic tricks” mean nothing if the loan officer isn’t doing the work to make the phone ring.

Special “closing techniques” do no good without actually picking up the phone and talking with somebody.

Having great service and competitive rates is pointless if we don’t do what’s necessary to actually talk with clients. 

The most successful people you can think of in sports, music, acting, and other areas never stop working on the fundamentals. However, in business, we seem to think we already have it down. Seldom is that the case!

Like Vince Lombardi and his team, we need hyper-focus on the fundamentals to make us more successful and get to the next level.So, let me ask – how much time, energy, and money have you wasted looking for some magic fix that didn’t exist?

Do you even know the 4 most critical fundamentals you need to succeed in your mortgage business?

How much could focusing on them benefit your team, your business, and you? If you don’t know or don’t like the answers – we should chat.

The cost of not knowing the 4 critical fundamentals is likely costing you a fortune… without even knowing it.

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