You are going to poke somebody’s eye out with that…

I can hear my mom telling me dozens of times growing up, “you are going to poke somebody’s eye out with that..”

We were all taught to always be careful and never put yourself at risk for taking a tumble, stubbing our toes, or skinning our knees.

I can tell you with 100% confidence that while that may have been good advice when playing with the ol’ dime store slingshot, in our business that same fear and hesitancy is likely what’s actually holding us back.

See, it goes back to the “fear of rejection” or the “fear of failure”…

… those 2 things raise their ugly head way too often.

First of all, people think about us way less than we think they do.  They are too worried about what you think of them.

For instance, the other day I saw a loan officer comment in a group page that he was afraid that if he called Realtors on Mondays, that they would be mad because the agents are busy putting together offers and following up from the leads they got during the busy weekends.

My gosh, that’s exactly the time you DO want to be talking to those agents!!

That’s when these buyer agents need your help to get the listing agent to accept their clients offers, then you can be the lender.  There truly is no better time to call them.

Now, feeling for this LO and the amount of fear he must live in, I checked his production on one of those new software programs where it shows all the LOs production.

Sure enough, he averaged about 1 deal a month all of last year.  It may be that the fear of rejection or saying the wrong thing has totally paralyzed him and his ability to help families out in his area.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all started there, myself included, I just made the decision to risk skinning my knees so not to stay at the low levels of closing loans. I wanted to help even more families (along with my own).

If you have also made that decision in the past, or are just now making that decision today, I give you a standing ovation.

It’s just that I’m looking to help loan officers grow from where they currently are, and it’s not until they actually take action, risk looking “stupid”, or risk skinning our knees, that’s when the growth happens.

So why was this LO (and many like him / her) so afraid or hesitant to speak to the very people, Realtors that have contracts and referrals that they need help with by getting their prospects pre-approved?

.. keeping in mind that this fear and hesitancy is resulting in him / her losing out on the truly Cinderella and Prince Charming dream life for them and their family…  which I believe them AND everybody else (you) are worthy of.

So what holds them back, what steals their epic life?  I think most of the time the LO simply doesn’t know exactly what to say.  It’s likely they haven’t had somebody help them doing some “phone role playing”.

And it’s not their fault, heck, if somebody hadn’t of shown me, I wouldn’t know either.

But here’s the thing, while it may not be our fault before, now that we know there is a solution, it is our responsibility to learn and take action.

The best part of doing phone role playing and learning “scripts”, which I prefer to call “designed conversations” (thanks Steve), is that once you know what to say, you can now just simply have those same conversations over and over and get predictable results from them, which are outstanding, over and over again… know, more closings and more income for you and your family to do even more things for yourselves and others.

… that’s the secret of top producing agents!

In addition to that, once you know what to say to get those predictable (great) results, the fear of those money making calls melt away.  Fear is replaced by confidence.  Confidence and action results in… well, it results in YOU GETTING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT…

… all while helping so many families… including your own ☺

If you need help with scripting or “structured conversations with predictable great results, let me know and I’ll set you up with a 1 on 1 zoom meeting where we can do exactly that.  <no charge>

It will be a complete example of the exact calls and scripts that we have with our Freedom Club members, which is a large group of hundreds of the top LOs across the nation. 

I think you will like it and benefit from it greatly.  Whether you are closing 2 or 3 loans a month or closing 20, 40, or 80 loans a month, this will be a good use of your time.

Freedom Club Demo Scripting 1 on 1 zoom meeting  <no charge>

Talk soon.

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