Episode 44

Women In The Mortgage Industry

Episode 44 Carl

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Women In The Mortgage Industry

On this edition of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 Podcast for Loan Officers in the world, I am joined by my partner Tammy Schneider and our guest Kelsey Rauchut. Kelsey is the National Business Development Manager at Annie-Mac Home Mortgage, working alongside some of the top mortgage professionals.

We will be diving into the world of women in the mortgage industry and how to set yourself up to be successful [as a woman] in the workforce during this insightful conversation.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
• Kelsey’s background and how she got to where she is today
• The importance of following up
• Connecting with people and making first contact
• Figuring out your why
• Setting up routines
• Finding your tribe and those who need your help

If you have questions about this topic, set up a Free Strategy Call with one of our coaches at LoanOfficerFreedom.com/StrategyCallRequest

About our Guest:

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Kelsey Rauchut
Branch Manager

Kelsey Rauchut is on the rise, as National Business Development Manager with AnnieMac Home Mortgage. Kelsey is a mortgage connector, personal development hunter, driven by faith, Host & Creator of The Inside Edge Podcast which highlights Top Women in Real Estate. Providing new solutions for increasing monthly transactions for mortgage and real estate professionals nationally to thrive in a condensing market, find her on LinkedIn or check out her podcast, The Inside Edge.

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