Where most leads come from…

I frequently get asked, where do most of the leads come from.

Here’s the thing, we don’t focus on 1 single activity.  We find it’s the combination of a few that really moves the needle for us.

For example, take John Fortner (super cool Mortgage Marketing Animals member) from the small town of Fayetteville, GA.

I just got a message that he has:

1. 4 pre-approved looking from marketing to his past database
2. 1 past database that contacted him that they are selling a property, so John referred the deal to an agent he’s marketing to
3. 1 past client that is under contract right now and that client just referred him 2 other leads.
4. 3 new referrals from agents that he got using the Thor’s Hammer scripts
5. 3 deals in process and using the Just Ask scripts, he has appointments with all of those listing agents.

So this is one of those things where it’s 1 + 1 + 1 = 8

It’s not one source.  It’s like an octopus that has 8 different arms all feeding the one body or mouth.

But get this, he’s not prospecting every day all day and all weekends, nope!

He’s simply prospecting the first 2 hours Monday – Thursday.  That’s a total of 8 hours of the 40 working hours per week.  Just 2 hours a day…. THE FIRST 2 Hours each day so that all the other clutter doesn’t take over.

Farmers milk their cows the first thing in the mornings, so that painting the barn doesn’t take priority of the money-making activity.

Give me the first 2 hours of your day Monday – Thursday and it’s my firm belief that together, we can change the trajectory of your business and your bank account!

It’s not 1 thing, it’s a simple yet focused set of small activities.

When you are ready to see the set of small activities that seriously move the needle, I’ll meet you over here.

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