Up while others are down…

I was on a FB group page the other day and saw a post that basically said, “Yeah, I’m down, but so is everybody else…”

I didn’t say anything, as I was a guest on somebody else’s page, and so I didn’t want to be the “troll”, but….

All LO’s aren’t down!  Some are up… and up a lot.

Ouch, the truth hurts…  Or it can be inspiring…. Read on.

I was getting debriefed by one of our top coaches, Doug Cadaret, and he told me that Brian Mozely:

1. Landed 4 out of the top 15 real estate teams in his market who are now referral partners with him

2. In the fist 2 months of the year, he’s already on pace to join our “DOUBLE COMMA CLUB” (those of us that make over $1,000,000 per year in the mortgage business).

3. Recruited 3 LO’s that are closing 10-14 loans per month.  (Top talent loves working with winners like Brian)

The purpose of sharing this with you today is provide clarity of the current situation.

Winners are still winning.

What sets winners apart?

First of all, just knowing that it’s possible.

If we go around thinking that nobody is having success, then we believe it and then will accept that as our truth, even though it’s not the truth.

We have to know the truth that many LO’s are having their best months ever.

Just knowing that encourages the future winners to take action, they learn what action the current winners are taking, and then duplicating that action, thus getting winning results for themselves.

It’s really just that easy.

So let’s raise a glass (of sparkling water) to Brian and thank him for inspiring us, and to congratulate him for taking action.  It’s what the winners do.

Letting you know what is possible, and that you are worthy of what’s possible!

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