Episode 12

Top Producing LO Shares His Success Secrets

Episode 12 Carl

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Top Producing LO Shares His Success Secrets with Craig Bland

On the next #1 rated podcast for LOs, you’ll get an inside look at what Craig Bland’s team did to catapult their business forward and secure a steady stream of referrals rolling in. Craig dives into the ins and outs of his business model and shares helpful tidbits that you can immediately plug into your business to see even more success!
Here’s a taste of what Carl and Craig discuss in this episode:

  • How to free up your time and avoid getting caught in the minutia
  • Crucial roles for team building and business growth
  • The art of letting go and adapting a new mindset
  • Scripting for new clients and delegating 1003s
  • How to build relationships with agents – the dos and dont’s

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