Episode 25

Teaching Classes to Engage New Real Estate Agents

Episode 25 Carl

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Teaching Classes to Engage New Real Estate Agents

Looking for another way to engage with Real Estate Agents? Want to impress a few top producers with your amazing intellect? Teach a CE class! Or any class that helps Real Estate Agents market or understand mortgages better.

In this podcast we will discover how Katie White used Lunch & Learns and CE classes to increase her production by 300% in just 12 months.

Here’s a taste of what Carl and Katie discuss in this episode:

• CE Classes or any type of class? Where to start.
• What type of content and where to get it
• How to get butts in the seats, by involving your favorite title company.
• How to turn classes into loans (FOLLOW UP)
• What the follow up looks like and who does it
• How often should you teach the classes
• What do you do if someone asks questions you don’t know the answer to
• How to handle the increase in business, so you can teach more classes

If you have questions about this topic, set up a free strategy call with one of our coaches at loanofficerfreedom.com/strategycallrequest


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