Taking a risk here, you deserve the truth…

Has your loan volume dropped this year?  Come to find out, a lot of LOs have dropped….while a handful of others have actually increased.  Some of our Freedom Club members are literally having their best months ever.

I’m not pointing out that to be uncool or to make you feel weird or anything, it’s just very important to know… and I’ll risk our relationship here to tell you the truth…  You deserve the truth.

There are 4 reasons, and only 4 reasons that some LOs’ volumes are down.

1. They have no plan

2. Their plan sucks

3. Their implementation of their plan sucks

4. They are looking for something else to blame other than the first 3 reasons.

It’s just that simple.

Don’t get me wrong, I know just how you may feel because early in my career I would blame my production on rates, inventory, my looks, the way I talked, the car I drove, blah blah blah blah…

Then I found out that while I was struggling, other LOs were having record months (just like today).

After intensively studying the difference between those that were struggling vs those that were actually thriving, I came to a shocking discovery which particularly holds true to today’s LOs….

… it had nothing to do about rates (everybody is the same more or less), it had nothing to do with how old they were – many of the thriving LOs were / are in their 20’s and 60’s and 70’s and on…

…. It had nothing to do with male / female, their weight, the color of their skin, how well they spoke, whether they were pretty or handsome, or even if they looked like me…

… because there was, and still are LO’s that were and are thriving that fell into all of those categories.

It all boiled down to their plan and the execution of that plan.  Period.  No other factors stood out.

So here’s where we stand now… the next 4 months there’s going to be a great “weeding out”. 

Many LOs will be gone, and just like back in the 2008 & 2009 mortgage “correction”, those that are still standing will make even more money than before because those without a real plan and those that don’t execute on a real plan will no longer be in “the game” like you and I will. 

Together, we will be in a plentiful ocean with very, very few fishermen (fisher people).  Our “nets of awesomeness” will be overflowing, just like the last time this happened…

…well, as long as we

1.  Have a proven purchase business plan

2.  Implement that plan

3.  Stop blaming anything else for our current pipeline

Want some help with mapping out a REAL plan of getting more purchase business to help put MORE closings in your pipeline all while decreasing the stress you may be feeling now?
(the same plan I use today in my branch)

I’ll give you a 1 hour demo call of how we map out an epic purchase business plan that’s working in today’s market, and we’ll also show you ways to help ensure that you avoid the distractions and obstacles that may have held you back in the past.

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Talk soon!

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