Episode 227

Closing More Loans with A Little More Help

Episode 167 Carl

You’re listening to Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast in the country for loan officers. Today’s episode is one that you just can’t miss. I’m joined by my good friend, Irene Duford, Freedom Club coach here at The Mortgage Marketing Animals. In this episode, learn how now may be the best time ever to have the right assistant to help you have a much bigger market share, whether you are closing 4 loans / month or 40 loans / month. 

Listen in as Irene tells us why responding to this time by hunkering down is just not the way to build your business. It’s time to get serious and find those gems on your team who will be profit centers, not overhead. The perspective of this is explained clearly in this episode. 

Irene’s links: loanteamtraining.com and loanassistantmortgagetrainingbootcamp.com

Adapting to today’s market will take a certain focus. Let us help you adjust your lenses so you can focus in on what brings in more business.  Schedule your complimentary call today.

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