Business as Usual While the Wheels Are Turning

Ever wonder how to run a business from the mountaintop? Or even while you’re literally on your way to the mountain top? Well, then, you are in for a treat. On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast nationwide for loan officers who are looking for more guidance and mortgage coaching to be successful, I’m joined by a top leader of the Freedom Club, Roger McGuire. 

Roger and his family travel with their 5th wheel to places near and far across the beautiful country, all while keeping his business running smoothly. Want to know how? Funny you should ask…

We talk about how he has built the foundation of genuine relationships to be able to continue the referral partner communications and active business. He credits his phenomenal team for the processes and focus they have mastered for their mortgage transactions.  

Tune in to hear how cool it is to be able to live the way he is living and. most importantly, how you can get on the road to freedom! 

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Question about lead generation

Let’s face it, the loan officers that focus on lead generation instead of “chasing bank statements” are the ones that make all the money.

A member of our Mortgage Marketing Animals (and a super cool and smart guy) asked a great question the other day, and I thought I would share his question and my response.  I think you may find this helpful.

His great question:

“In the past I used an online service to help drive consumer direct business, and it ended up being more of a headache than what it was worth….

The idea of being able to provide my realtor partners more leads, and drum up extra business could be worth it. But I was wondering if some fellow animals had any experiences or tactics they want to share.

I like to come at my business from every angle, if it gives me a few deals and keeps a few realtors happy, why not?”

My response:

“Here’s the thing, I work with already successful agents.  They don’t need me to give them leads because they already have listings that do that.  People looking to buy houses generally call agents first, not LO’s.”

“The top 3 complaints of Realtors about LOs are:
1. Don’t close on time

2. The LO doesn’t inform me what’s going on with the loan
3. The LO doesn’t follow up on the leads I give them.”

“The top agents don’t complain that the LO isn’t giving them leads.  Only the struggle bunny agents complain about that.”

“Solve those top 3 complaints, and you will have a very robust business with an army of agents giving you the leads that they already have.”


So do we give Realtors leads?  Of course we do.

When we market to our past database, we refer them back to the agent that referred them to us in the first place.

When our past database refers us to a friend, family member, or a co-working that is looking to buy or sell a home, of course we refer them back to the agent that introduced that person in the first place.

But understand, it’s been my experience (in helping to build a multi Billion $$ lending “empire”) that simply sticking with the main 3 things has been the thing that has really moved the needle for me and the LOs and branch managers on our team.

Most everything else is a distraction and perhaps a feeble attempt to sell us something that we may not even need.

Do those 3 things first THEN we can look to add to those things.

Just sharing my thoughts in hopes of relieving you of what may be unnecessary stress ☺

How-to Get Loans from Open Houses

Join myself and Steve Kyles as we clearly lay out the action plan for how to get loans from open houses, even when the top producers are not sitting it. 

Tune in to this impactful episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers in the world. I’m sharing the simple and secret strategy that I came up with back when I started in the mortgage industry.    

Learn how to use signup sheets and provide them to agents you’re working with. Don’t think it works? Think people won’t give their info? That’s why you need to tune in here where Steve and I give you the ins and out of how it works and why it works. 

Ready to learn more scripts that work? Connect with us one on one here.

Your Past Database is an Untapped Gold Mine

Check out this ‘Make Mo’ Money’ quick hit with Carl White. He talks about a study that recently came out showing that on average, loan officers have three hundred people already in their database.  Think about one loan every one hundred people in your database. That’s already three loans each month. Carl gives you the tools, the scripts, and the formula to follow so you can start reaching out to utilize the database you already have. 

Let’s take a look at how you can implement this strategy in your mortgage business https://wrgo.io/TheMarketingAnimals/26286

Frank threw a glass of cold water in my face.. in a very cool way

A buddy of mine, Frank, kind of threw a glass of cold water in my face some time back, to help bring me to my senses, and it really helped me out, so I thought I would share with you.

“You don’t have to remove all of your flaws and insecurities in order to succeed. You just have to accept them and move forward anyway.”

See, when I became a loan officer, I had major doubts of whether it was going to work out. I knew very little about “loans”. Just enough to pass the test.

I also had never done any real sales work, I’m a major introvert (there’s a surprise), easily distracted, and somewhat “technology challenged”. Sound like a recipe for success? Hardly!!

But here’s what I did have (and have always had)…

Take Action Now. Or more accurately, “Take Imperfect Action Now!”

Find what successful people are doing and do what they tell me to do…

Even if I’m afraid, even if I’m unsure, even if

See, most people live in a world of “IF-THEN”…

IF I knew what to say, THEN I would call that Realtor.

IF I had the lowest rate, THEN I would get more loans.

IF I had more loans, THEN I could get some help.

So, if there’s somewhere in your life where you’re doubting yourself, I hope today’s story helps you remember…

That’s totally normal. Even to be expected. And you may never feel 100% ready or certain.

Whatever the “next step” is for you right now, you’re probably far more ready for it than you realize.

So Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway.

Also, when you need any help with structuring what to do next, or even what to first, or what the next step is, or “what to say to who”, feel free to reach out and I’ll totally hook you up.