Get rid of the salt…

There’s an old saying where I come from…

“Just get rid of the salt”.

For instance, let’s say you like cake, but the cake being served is loaded with salt, like it’s been soaking in the ocean.

If you just get rid of the salt, then the cake (or salad) would be awesome.

So in the loan officer / branch manager world, this is when you love what you are doing, but that 1 thing that you hate, you think comes with it.  How can you get rid of that part?

See, I’m convinced that is what holds 97% of the loan officers from achieving “greatness”, the greatness that they deserve and are worthy of.

They think that there’s part of being a top producer that is totally uncool that comes with the package, so they settle in mediocracy, robbing themselves and their family of what would otherwise be totally doable.  

For me it was working more than a 32 hour work week, and working evenings and weekends.

For others it would be investing in large sums of money that they currently don’t have or perhaps working on worthless internet “leads” or other “high work and low productivity” activities.

I was talking to somebody the other day that had been falsely lead to believe that she had to provide Realtors leads before she could ever talk to them (not a scalable way to build a mortgage business) and in reality fed to her by somebody trying to make a buck – but had never actually closed a loan… (weird, I know).

Whatever the thing it is that may be holding you back, because you think “Well, that has to be a part of epic or even modest growth”, just know that there is no one thing that has to be done, or at least not done by “YOU”.
One of my favorite questions is, “How can you close more loans without <insert anything that’s “uncool” for you>?”

I’m here to tell you that after decades of helping loan officers in all 50 states, as well as currently having one of the most successful mortgage branches in the nation, I have never been stumped on that question.

Two things: 

1. There’s always a solution, and it’s almost always way easier than you may think.

2. The answer usually comes from asking somebody that’s already getting the results that you want (deserve) without doing that thing you also don’t want to do.

Both of which results from just asking the right question to the right people.

See there, there’s the easy solution right there (which follows “thing 1” mentioned above).

So that’s your homework for now:
“How can you <thing that you want>, without <thing that you don’t want>?”

When you are ready for help with that, let me know and I’ll totally hook you up right here… <no charge>.

… unless you like salty cake…

Your homie,

Carl White

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