Back in Business Like Never Before

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast nationwide for loan officers, I sit down and chat it up with very special guest, Joan DeMarco. Joan is a loan originator out of Bonita Springs, FL and she is also the mother of one of our most inspiring mortgage coaches here at Mortgage Marketing Animals, Mr. Mike Cardascia.

It was a joy to hear how Joanie achieved her goal and took her business from $0 to $4.5 million after only one year back as a loan originator. 

A great deal of her success has been the strategy of reaching out and making the calls to qualified realtors. Setting up coffee chats or ice cream visits doesn’t include a sales pitch. Instead, she tells us how she genuinely asks about the other person, their business, and their family. 

This develops real relationships, which in the long run, brings in consistent business. You as a loan officer, are helping them and their clients achieve their own successes. 

Tune in to hear what actions she took as she made her way back into the mortgage industry that have led her to where she is today. 

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Dr. Butler Script

Listen in as Carl shares the Dr. Butler script that is going to be a game changer in the way you can implement this into your mortgage business.
Who knew you can give the same customer service to your clients by having someone else on your team, in office or even remote, reach out with the same valuable outreach as you would do? The effect on the client is far more important and means more to them than you can imagine.
Start having your “person” call using this script to continue to reach your clients and realtor partners in the most real and effective way.

New Year Message

This time of year can put people in the mood to reminisce, get nostalgic, and think about the good – and not so good – things that happened in the last year.

Personally, I go a little further in my thinking about things because I know somebody is smiling down on me. Because there is just no way a guy like me could achieve what I have on my own.

Let me just say upfront that God has been good to me.

Things have not always happened in what I thought was right timing but, in hindsight, they happened in the best possible timing.

Like when I had to take a chemistry course that I really wasn’t interested in but, once I got there, I was really interested in a beautiful young lady that was also taking that class.

Naturally, she was way better at that class than I was, so I made the best of that and got her to share her notes with me.

I charmed Maria with all my best moves (which, if you know me, are pretty limited).

Somehow she looked past all that and married me anyway.

To this day, that was the single best thing that ever happened to me. The second best thing was having my kids.

It’s really important to give credit where it belongs, whatever and whoever that means to you.

By giving thanks, you acknowledge that you are open to receiving more help and abundance and opportunities.

You remember that there is a bigger picture in everything that happens in life and, sometimes, the best skill you have is to enjoy the ride and give thanks for what you know is coming – especially if you can’t see what that means yet.

When it comes to my business, I give thanks to every ADGO (Another Darn Growth Opportunity) I’ve had in the past year.


Because they challenged me to rise to the occasion.

I needed to get outside my comfort zone and show up in a different way.

I had to learn something new to get through it. And yes, those things have happened in my business in 2021 in a special way.

People sometimes look at my life and think it’s all roses and sunshine but I am not here to blow smoke – it gets real for me too sometimes.

The bigger the stakes, the greater the potential for a fall.

I may not always handle it with the sophistication and refinement I’d like to have in the moment, but I am transparent with whatever is happening and look to help create the best possible outcome for everyone.

That’s one of my secrets – just show up and try to help things be better.

I also give thanks for each and every member of the Loan Officer Freedom Club because they inspire me to do better and go farther in my business so I can report back what’s working and what isn’t.

I am grateful for those who listen to the Loan Officer Freedom Podcast, and the people who connect with me on social media, and my business partners. 

Without all of you, I wouldn’t have the ability to help as many people as I / we can today.

To my mortgage loan customers who entrusted me with their future, I have been honored to use my skills, network, systems and experience to help you have the home to support you and your family in living your best life.

You help me stay on my toes so I can pay it forward to my students, my colleagues, my peers and my industry.

Another secret that has served me well is to honor each of my mentors – you know who you are – along the way has been a game-changer for me.

From deep conversations to mindset shifts to paradigm busters to war room strategies to busting my chops on stepping up, I appreciate each of you more than words can say. 

Because of you, I have the ability to help more people in ways that I couldn’t even imagine before you.

Did I make it to where I am on my own?

In a word, no.

Have I screwed up along the way? Have I fallen short sometimes?

Sure, a few times epically.

But I just got up and worked on being a better person because / despite it.

I am one blessed guy to be where I am and it all happened because I just kept showing up, putting one foot in front of the other, with God’s guidance and Maria at my side.

But I wish everyone who reads this to have that same kind of blessings and the smarts to know where the credit really belongs.

Being grateful for what you have only opens the door to receiving more of what you want. I’m living proof of it.

Forever grateful

5 Things You May Need to Change to Get Better Results

You’re tuned in to the right episode if you want to start 2022 strong and with changes to improve your mortgage business. 

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast nationwide for loan officers, my buddy Steve Kyles and I run down the 5 things you may need to change to get better results in 2022. 

From your money-making activities to having the “right” referral partners, we’ll hit on the actions you’ll need to take and the reasons behind them. 

Listen in for the 5 things and commit to an awesome 2022! 

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