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I got a great question the other day that I thought may help you, so I’m forwarding it to you here. This will be worth your time to read.


“I have an assistant who is AMAZING. UNICORN AMAZING! We both have school aged kids and our school districts have the same breaks. I don’t want to tell her no, because she deserves the time off…but I also want to take my kids as well on those dates. Ideas?? Solutions??”

My Answer:
Great question.

I’ve often thought the toughest part of growing is that stage where we have 1 assistant and not quite ready for the 2nd one (for just this reason)…

…Any time they go on vacation or call in sick or whatever, 100% of our help is out that day.  Kind of like United Airlines having all their ground crew calls in sick, well, no planes will fly that day.

While we certainly can’t hire yet another person just for those time (because it may throw us into being not profitable), what we can do is really focus on the DSP (Daily Success Plan) and have our current team focus on it to, so that we can close even more loans which then supports the hiring of the 2nd assistant, which then makes that issue less of a problem… all while we make more money for ourselves.

And then the 3rd assistant makes it even easier…

So the opportunity here is to ask, “How many loans do we need to close each month that would require and support the 2nd assistant (who could hold down the fort during those rare times the 2 of you are off at the same time) and how many referred leads do we need to close that many loans, and finally, what is the 1st action item to get that many referred leads?

For instance, let’s say 14 loans closed each month supports that 2nd person…

… if we close 25% of incoming referred leads (which is about normal), we need 14 leads per week, or 2 referred leads per day.

What specific action do we need to do to ramp up to 2 referred leads per day?  That’s the $1,000,000 question…

Actually, that’s the $500,000 question. 

How do we get 4 leads per day is the $1,000,000 question (perhaps literally)…

The funny / bizarre thing is, it’s really a quite simple answer.

Want to do a 1 on 1 zoom call and have it all mapped out for you? <no charge>

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