Mini Mastermind Session for Loan Officers

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast in the world for loan officers, I sit down with my friend and partner, Steve Kyles as we dig deep through this mini mastermind session.

As loan officers, we want to focus on things that really move the needle in our businesses, so Steve and I are sharing a few thoughts we have that can help you.

Let’s start off with this phrase… “Risk Looking Stupid. Just Take Action”

What we mean by this is that there’s nothing more costly than COI – Cost of Inactivity. In this episode, I’ll drill down what this exactly means and why you simply must make the moves in order to increase your production. 

Another big thought that we all think would be an easy step is to follow the actions of the people who are doing it consistently, in the right way, being proactive in their communications, and therefor are successful in their mortgage businesses. Tune in to hear what Steve and I have to say about this…

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Short Bursts of Proactive Activity Gives Huge Results

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers in the world, I’m joined by my good friend and business partner, Steve Kyles.

We recently attended a conference in Philly and decided to answer some frequently asked questions from loan officers. The question that came up the most was, “What are the daily, weekly, and monthly disciplines that need to be consistent in your business?” 

This is something that our coaching program here at Mortgage Marketing Animals really helps our members with. The main thing I stress is that there must be focused activity – short bursts of proactive activity giving you huge results. Breaking it up into solid bursts that you follow through with is key to consistent actions that need to remain daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Resetting our mindset to build confidence in ourselves and our abilities is something that is crucial to continue our path to freedom in our minds and our businesses. 

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The Perfect Plan…

We learn more by taking action than by having a perfect plan.

Many of us spend all our time making a plan and get stuck on that part instead of actually doing something. 

You know, the ol’ “get’n ready to get ready” issue…

I think part of that is because we try to add too many moving parts while working on getting referrals. 

We’ve been told that we need a “funnel”, or some fancy schmancy 17 step process for bringing in new referrals / new loans, or we have to rent the GoodYear blimp and put our name up in lights…

I guess there’s nothing wrong with those things, it’s just that you may not be likely to ever actually finish them and end up wasting time and money.

What if you could get the same results, or even BETTER results, by just simple scripting?  The thing about scripting is, once you know what to say and who to say it to, you can get started right away without a bunch of moving parts (and expenses).

Understand that we learn sooooo much more by just going out and doing something, getting the objections, then working on the rebuttals.

So just get into action. 

You have to be ok with not looking perfect. 

Fast action means you will be doing imperfect action. 

But you’ll learn so much more by taking fast action that it will more than make up for the little bit of embarrassment caused by it not being perfect.

Risk looking stupid.

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Purchases and Refis ~ The 70/30 Approach

In this value packed episode of Loan Officer Freedom, Carl White and Steve Kyles enlighten you as to why they feel the 70/30 approach regarding purchases and refis in a loan officer’s production per month is what they refer to as the sweet spot. Follow their proven activities to steer away from complacent thought processes.

 Join Carl and Steve as they share ways to clear the path, gather the tools, and turn your outlook around on hiring someone to increase your production. Don’t let overthinking detour you from learning how to delegate and build a team so you can do things that make you more money and begin to realize that even more is even easier.

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