Do not bend..

Great news!!! The newest numbers are in and 2024 is projected to be the 3rd best year ever in purchase mortgage volume!

This chart below measures 2002 to projected 2026 mortgage loan volume.

The blue line is purchase volume. Other than the record setting 2021 &2022, we have to go back to 2005 to match what we are expecting for this year.

That’s great news for those of us that focus on purchase business.

By the way, did you know that 67% of all purchase loans close with the loan officer that the real estate agent recommended?

I find that to be true with the hundreds of loans that my own personal mortgage team does each and every month (like clockwork and with very little stress, by the way).

I find the key to getting your share, or even more than your share is to market to agents that are actually doing the lion’s share of the purchase business.

The “Free” mortgage leads…

About a dozen top producing LOs and I were meeting at my house a couple of weeks ago and we were discussing where to get the best leads, you know, those that turn in to actual closings (not the time wasting TikTok type leads).

One of them piped in that he had a source of leads that cost almost nothing and gave him about 7 closings each month… month after month…. Year after year…

We all leaned forward to hear this secret source of money producing mortgage leads…

Then he shared with us something that we all know, but I had never heard it put this way…

“Remarketing to existing leads, past database, on “old’ leads costs almost nothing and brings me in about $21,000 in personal income each and every month” he said.

I was once again reminded of the old song lyric:  “Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man, that the Tin Man didn’t already have…”

You see, he’s raking in 21 Thousand dollars per month from simply reaching back out to leads / people that he already has talked to or leads that he didn’t hook up to in the first place.

For today, let’s just go over a quick way to cash in on the “old leads” that you just didn’t hook up with, maybe they ghosted you, maybe you got busy and ghosted them.

Here’s the simple 10 word script….

“Are you still looking to buy a home in <insert in your state>?  <your name>

Now, you may remember me sharing this before, but I know that 98% of those that read it, probably didn’t do it.

This time, well, go do it.

Remember, don’t change a thing and don’t add on to the script.  Every time we changed it up, it converted less… every time.

I’ve done this one as text messages and as emails (and both to the same person).  All 3 ways worked very very well <translated as:  a bunch of new business with virtually zero marketing dollars spent>

So many LOs are chasing 101 ways to “create leads” while ignoring the leads that they already have.

I get it, the “hunt” is sexy, and the cleaning of the hunt isn’t as sexy, it just pays very very well.

Focus on what actually works and not on the distractions.
So the take home message this week is:  Before doing anything else, Remarketing To Existing Leads Costs Almost Nothing And Produces Great Results For Us (measured in closed loans).

That’s it.  Short and sweet.

Do you hate money?

My first branch manager told me one time, “Don’t market to your past database if you hate money, because it will make you a bunch of money”.

25 years later I have discovered he was soooooo right.

I have brought in probably between $50,000,000 to $75,000,000 in income revenue by simply marketing to my databases in recent years.

I’m seeing a lot of loan officers really ramping back up by simply doing that, marketing to their past database.

For example, John Fortener, a loan officer in a small town in Georgia.  Get this, he currently has:

1. 4 pre-approved and looking from his past database

2. 1 past database that let him know today during a phone call that he is looking to sell a couple of his properties, so now John is referring those listing referrals to an agent that refers to him

3. 1 past client referral that is under contract right now and that client has sent John another 2 leads

4. Oh, and did I mention John has 3 new referrals from agents that started referring to him because of the Daily Success Plan that John is now implementing.

5. And he has 3 new deals in the loop to close this month that has listing agents that John hasn’t worked with before, which is yet some more opportunities for John by working the Just Ask Campaign.

See how all of this snowballs?

“From 1 deal we get 2 more” kind of thing.  It’s really just that simple… well, assuming we are following the Daily Success Plan…

Congrats John for taking action and leading by example.

So for all of us, we need to make sure we are marketing to our past database, because it’s likely the easiest loans to get with minimal marketing costs…
… and that’s a beautiful thing!

Inspiring you to achieve what you deserve!

Up while others are down…

I was on a FB group page the other day and saw a post that basically said, “Yeah, I’m down, but so is everybody else…”

I didn’t say anything, as I was a guest on somebody else’s page, and so I didn’t want to be the “troll”, but….

All LO’s aren’t down!  Some are up… and up a lot.

Ouch, the truth hurts…  Or it can be inspiring…. Read on.

I was getting debriefed by one of our top coaches, Doug Cadaret, and he told me that Brian Mozely:

1. Landed 4 out of the top 15 real estate teams in his market who are now referral partners with him

2. In the fist 2 months of the year, he’s already on pace to join our “DOUBLE COMMA CLUB” (those of us that make over $1,000,000 per year in the mortgage business).

3. Recruited 3 LO’s that are closing 10-14 loans per month.  (Top talent loves working with winners like Brian)

The purpose of sharing this with you today is provide clarity of the current situation.

Winners are still winning.

What sets winners apart?

First of all, just knowing that it’s possible.

If we go around thinking that nobody is having success, then we believe it and then will accept that as our truth, even though it’s not the truth.

We have to know the truth that many LO’s are having their best months ever.

Just knowing that encourages the future winners to take action, they learn what action the current winners are taking, and then duplicating that action, thus getting winning results for themselves.

It’s really just that easy.

So let’s raise a glass (of sparkling water) to Brian and thank him for inspiring us, and to congratulate him for taking action.  It’s what the winners do.

Letting you know what is possible, and that you are worthy of what’s possible!

Where most leads come from…

I frequently get asked, where do most of the leads come from.

Here’s the thing, we don’t focus on 1 single activity.  We find it’s the combination of a few that really moves the needle for us.

For example, take John Fortner (super cool Mortgage Marketing Animals member) from the small town of Fayetteville, GA.

I just got a message that he has:

1. 4 pre-approved looking from marketing to his past database
2. 1 past database that contacted him that they are selling a property, so John referred the deal to an agent he’s marketing to
3. 1 past client that is under contract right now and that client just referred him 2 other leads.
4. 3 new referrals from agents that he got using the Thor’s Hammer scripts
5. 3 deals in process and using the Just Ask scripts, he has appointments with all of those listing agents.

So this is one of those things where it’s 1 + 1 + 1 = 8

It’s not one source.  It’s like an octopus that has 8 different arms all feeding the one body or mouth.

But get this, he’s not prospecting every day all day and all weekends, nope!

He’s simply prospecting the first 2 hours Monday – Thursday.  That’s a total of 8 hours of the 40 working hours per week.  Just 2 hours a day…. THE FIRST 2 Hours each day so that all the other clutter doesn’t take over.

Farmers milk their cows the first thing in the mornings, so that painting the barn doesn’t take priority of the money-making activity.

Give me the first 2 hours of your day Monday – Thursday and it’s my firm belief that together, we can change the trajectory of your business and your bank account!

It’s not 1 thing, it’s a simple yet focused set of small activities.

When you are ready to see the set of small activities that seriously move the needle, I’ll meet you over here.