Warming Up Cold Calling Without Reluctance

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers in the world, I’m joined by one of our remarkable coaches here at Mortgage Marketing Animals, Mrs. Kristin Simpson. 

Kristin and I bounce ideas back and forth about how to make cold calling not as chilly as it’s made out to be by sharing ways to melt the ice.

There are proven strategies our program teaches members, such as the Daily Success Plan. Calling realtors, making coffee appointments, and getting it done. Kristin stresses the importance of conversation and how you, no matter how many loans you are currently working, can implement this immediately. How, you ask? Well, that’s why you’ll have to listen in to hear Kristin and I give examples, stories, scripts, and strategies that really (like really,really) work. 

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Tools You Need in A Rapidly Increasing Rate Environment

Welcome to this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers in the United States. Today, I’m joined by my partner here at our top mortgage training program, Mortgage Marketing Animals. 

We’re sharing 5 tips on how branch managers can provide the best resources and tools for their loan officers, in a rapidly increasing rate environment. 

In order to grow, we need to accept the reality that help is our number one opportunity. With that help, comes the right way to implement proper procedures, processes, and accountability. That’s exactly what we share with you today on this episode. Tune in to hear details that you can use in your business starting today…

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How to Save and Spend Money

Welcome back to Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers in all North America. Today, I am joined by my partner in crime – Maria White.

Over the years, I have seen the same thing; loan officers making a ton of money, but never saving it – ultimately leaving them penniless. In today’s episode, Maria and I discuss the three primary ways to make money: Inherit, Invent, and Invest.

For most of us, inheriting and inventing doesn’t work out so great. That leaves us with investing. Investing isn’t always about stocks – it’s also about investing in yourself and your mortgage business.

Listen in as we discuss, in my opinion, the best practices to save AND spend money.

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A Day in The Life of a Loan Officer

On this week’s episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast in the world today for loan officers, I’m joined by one of our strategic advisors here at The Mortgage Marketing Animals, Blake Otterson.

Blake and I sit down to discuss what happens in the day of a loan officer. I’ll share my personal routine on waking up bright and early, starting the day with a positive activity, and strategically having a plan in place.

Planned days are structured for the most production with proper planning that is set forth by consistent boundaries and efficient schedules.

Listen in as we deliver information on how to avoid pitfalls of distractions and map out a day that provides results and structured activities.

Hear more strategies that we use to build out our day, using what we call the daily success plan. Schedule your complimentary demo here.

Setting Up Automatic Opportunities

Tune in to this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the top podcast for loan officers nationwide, as Kevin Broughton and I casually chat about two ninja tools that we use in our mortgage business and feel you could benefit from in yours as well.

When I come across something cool or a new strategy that is working for our industry, it’s my goal to be able to share these things with you on this podcast. 

Kevin and I talk about a program called Sales Boomerang, where there are a couple tools within that can not only trigger alerts for when a former client has their credit pulled for anything mortgage related, but also a feature that allows you to be notified of opportunities from clients who you can circle back around with for a continued relationship. 

You’ll be ready to put these smart gadgets into action after you hear just how advantageous this can be to set yourself up for when you need to be ready to use this built-up database of those who know, like, and trust you. 

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