Sneaky Trick…

Ok, I’m not actually sure if this is officially a “sneaky trick”, but it certainly falls into the “clever” category…  read on…

Here’s how to get your clients to talk to you during your regular office hours instead of them wanting to talk to you after hours (that time is carved out for family or just chill’n).

This is a note that Loan Officer Freedom Club leader, Tyler Osby sent to me.  It’s absolutely brilliant:  <here’s his note and clever idea>

…Hey Carl, if you ever have a client that’s not willing to carve out the time to discuss their loan during business hours, I’ve been having a lot of success saying the following:

“No problem! We can find a time outside of market hours to discuss your loan!

Before we do though, I wanted to confirm you knew what that meant to your loan terms…

Did you know when the market is closed, you actually pay .125%-.25% higher in rate because of something called ‘overnight protection’?

We can do a call after-hours, but it could literally cost you $20-$60/month to do it. Let me know!

My goal is always to help you secure the best terms possible, so I wanted to make sure you knew what it meant!

Are you able to carve out some time for a brief break, or lunch break to avoid the increased payment?”

….Tyler told me that he’s never had someone NOT carve out time after saying that.

So yea, hopefully that helps someone if you’re still running into friction on after-hours appointments.

Just sharing some morning coolness that was shared with me, because that’s how we roll around here ☺ 

Be sure to thank Tyler next time you see him for sharing with us.

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