Quick Question

I was talking to a friend of mine, Ryan Deiss, who is a 7-figure CEO.

We were talking about how we firmly believe that having the right question is more valuable than having the right answers…

One question that we ask each other is called The Pragmatic Question:

Is our strategy not working because the strategy is bad, or is it not working because we are incapable of executing this strategy due to constraints we cannot resolve at this time? What are those unresolvable constraints?”

I have found that sometimes in the past, I would start a strategy, then quit it before I really had the opportunity to react to the results or I quit it before I could execute it on a consistent basis.

I have also found it’s a great plan to go over my planned strategies or my current activities with somebody else who is already “uber successful” to see what I may have missed, or how I could get even better results (more loans) with even less effort (or headaches).

It’s often the simple small “tweaks” that have made the biggest differences in results.

What are the small and simple “tweaks” that can make all the difference?

Let’s set you up on a 1 on 1 private zoom meeting to go over your plans and see what small tweaks we may see to get some serious traction, without more headaches or “fires” to put out.

Bring me up to speed here, then pick a time on the calendar that works for you.

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