Must do this

One thing we must do, particularly in this new market that we find ourselves in….

PROSPECT NOW with the DSP (Daily Success Plan).

Here’s why…

Understand that the effort you do in prospecting this month will give us our results for January, February, or even March (which historically can be the slowest months for LOs). 

See, we are in a pipeline business.  The pipeline is at least a 90 day process.

I get it, sometimes when we prospect, we get a deal right then.  But most of the time, the vast majority of the time, it’s about a 90 day delay from prospecting till file in process.

First of all, 67% of all home buyers get their financing from the loan officer their real estate agent recommended!!


We have to make sure that we take around 2 hours at the beginning of each day to:

1. Prospect with agents in our area that are closing at least 8 buyer sides per month but not currently referring to us.

2. Giving appreciation and asking for even more referrals to agents that are already referring to us.

3. Updating the buyer agent, the listing agent, the borrower, the co-borrower, and the title company and then using my “3 X 3” script to ask for even more referrals from those people in a super cool way that has even more referrals rolling in.

4. Marketing to your past database by phone, text, snail mail, email, and targeted social marketing.

5. Calling your pre-approved looking prospects with the “Future Casting” script to help ensure we actually close on those people that we have already put all the effort in getting the lead and pre-approving them.

6. Texting our referring agents with the “Thursday Text” to get even more referrals on Thursday and Friday so that we can take the weekends off.

The reason why most LOs are down this season is because they forgot how to prospect or perhaps they never had to because with rates in the 2’s and 3’s, we were too busy patting ourselves on the back with all the business that was coming in… heck, who could blame us..
We started thinking that we don’t need to prospect like every other sales people do because loans were just pouring in from everywhere.

That thinking is costing most LOs from achieving truly epic results.

Understand that it’s not your fault if that is your thought process, it’s likely that nobody has ever shown you how to actually prospect in a super cool (and easy) way and how to have ever increasing production (ie, EVEN MO’ MONEY IN YOUR POCKET)

If you want to see a step-by-step approach on how we time block our week so that we can do all those things, about who does what, resulting in even more $$$ to you, all while taking evenings and weekends off….

Let’s set you up with a 1 on 1 zoom meeting where we’ll walk you through exactly how to do this <no charge>

Schedule 1 on 1 zoom meeting here to see how

We’ll also share scripts to get more referrals and past database stuff.

It’s your turn now!!

Talk soon!

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