LO’s caught swimming naked??

There’s an old saying, “When the tide goes out, we can see who has been swimming naked”. 

What that means is, when business goes from having a tailwind of 50mph and loans come in from friends and family members like seagulls going after French fries on the beach, and that changes…

… well, we find out who has been working a PROVEN & SERIOUS business plan, and who has been, well, swimming naked. 

Definition of “swimming naked”: Working on activities, strategies, plans, or shenanigans that aren’t proven, not tested, no real measurable results, and often suggested by somebody that is either a low producer, or even some that have no actual loan experience at all… resulting in the loan officer worried about how much their commission checks have decreased.

..and understand, it’s not the LOs fault that they have been lulled into these “no real results” and “struggle bunny” activities.  Oftentimes it’s just a simple matter of trusting advice from somebody that is just simply giving bad advice.

Lord knows I’ve been prey to people giving bad advice in the past too.

So here’s the thing, in this changing market, we have to make sure that each activity that we do, each dollar that we invest, goes towards something that will actually help us close more loans… to get actual measurable results.

That’s always been the case, but when the market changes, well, that’s when we can see who’s been swimming naked.

Truth be known, we really haven’t changed our “loan getting” activities in my mortgage branch from last year to this year.

Our prospecting strategies, the Daily Success Plan, gave us record breaking loans closings per month (measured in the hundreds per month) last year, and those same activities continue to bring us in hundreds and hundreds of REFERRED leads each month this year, along with hundreds of actual loan closings.

It’s really interesting, when I talk to LOs across the country.  They are seeing the same results too.  Those that work the Success Plan, well, seems they are doing very well.

Those that haven’t made the pivot, well, it’s going to be a very hard time.  

Business advice alert:  Don’t be one of the ones that haven’t made the pivot..

Focus on the activities that are 

1. Taught by people actually in the mortgage business

2. Proven by actual loan officers and / or branch managers

3. Measurable in actual closed loans via REFERRED leads

Oh, and don’t be caught swimming naked next time… 😉

Want to see my Daily Success Plan, go here and I’ll hook you up.

I’ve shown literally thousands of LOs across the country how to get loans from it, it’s your turn now 

See ya in the inside,

Carl White

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