Episode 257

Is This Different From 2008 & Action Items

Did you know that this year is scheduled to be the third best year ever for purchase loans?

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, your #1 podcast for loan officers in the country, Carl White is joined by longtime friend Brian Stevens.

If you stop and listen to anything today, let this be it. It’s a do not miss if you are a loan officer right now in 2022. Carl White and Brian Stevens talk about comparisons of today’s market vs 2008 and how today is not only different in its own positive ways, but they’re also sharing action items that are proven to bring success.  

Looking at today’s market as an opportunity and continuing to stay connected to your real estate agents is where your mindset needs to be. Learn what that looks like by tuning in..

If you’re in need of mapping out a plan to continue success in 2022, jump on a call here with one of our coaches (totally free) – and let us help you plan that out.

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