It’s a funny thing.

Success isn’t “avoiding problems”.  “Success” is handling problems quickly.  Success is how fast we identify what the real problem is, and then how quickly we address and fix the problems, and then how likely we are to learn from that experience and not duplicate that same problem.

It’s a funny thing how the different “classes” of LO’s react to our current market.

Those that don’t want to “address the real problem” point at “the market” as the reason things aren’t going as well as they want.

Those that are ready to do what it takes, well, they are asking LOs that are “up” in the current market, they are asking them how they are doing it… what specific action items they are doing.

They then simply copy their activities.  It’s really just that simple.

On a social media post, I was congratulating a dear friend and leader of our mastermind group on closing 42 loans of personal production last month.  (yeah, I verified it)

While most were skeptical (I understand that), only 1 reached out to me and asked if I could get her on a private Zoom meeting with just the 3 of us and map out how she did it.

During that 30-minute Zoom meeting, we identified how her process differed from his, and a couple of action items that she was doing differently than he is currently doing.

I loved listening as these 2 really smart people were exchanging ideas back and forth.

The point is… well, it’s really a question for all of my readers today…
Are we going to spend our time looking at charts and graphs that may help us justify closing less loans, or are we going to spend our time collaborating with those that are actually up this year from last?

Just know that both are available.  We just have to ask ourselves, which will serve us best…

I know you will make the right choice today all while you and I understand and feel for those that choose to look for justification and point at “the market” as the culprit.

I learned long ago, “the market” doesn’t dictate our success… “our actions”, working on the right productive proven things are what dictate our success.

I believe in you!

Your Wingman,

Carl White

PS.  When you are ready for a private Zoom meeting to collaborate and to see what are today’s best success action items, hit me up here.  I totally have your back (because I know you have mine).

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