Episode 75

How To Have Epic Growth In Your Business Without Cold Calling

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Episode 75 Carl

Anyone who’s gone through the training with Mortgage Marketing Animals knows we don’t recommend cold calling. Not that it can’t be done successfully, in fact, we’ve seen it work for many! However, one of the biggest things that hinder loan officers from growing their business is call reluctance. We’ve found that call reluctance stems from a fear of rejection and that fear increases when cold calling is involved.

In this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the number one podcast for Loan Officers we’re going to share exactly what it looks and sounds like to pick up the phone in order to have EPIC results in your business all without having to make a cold call. If you’ve found yourself asking any of the following questions, this episode is for you: 

– How can I increase my production

– Who do I need to call and what do I need to say?

– What strategies can I use to partner with real estate agents and other referral partners?

If you’d like some help overcoming call reluctance and want the strategies and scripts we use in our office to continue to increase our business, set up your complimentary coaching call at www.LoanOfficerFreedomCall.com  

About Our Guests:

Carl White & Tammy Schnieder
Co-Founders, Mortgage Marketing Animals

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