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How To Create Engagement & Generate Referrals From Past Clients Using Facebook

Past clients are like mini gold mines when it comes to generating referrals, but the catch is knowing where & how to dig for the gold!

To help us hone in on the where & how, Carl White is joined by SEO expert & Facebook guru, Chris Johnstone!

Chris works directly with LOs to help them create & establish an online presence that outshines the competition & stands out from the norm.

By tying together follow-up & social media, you’ll learn online strategies & industry specific techniques to produce organic leads from past clients time & time again!

Hot Topics:
• Facebook strategy 1: How to create engagement with past clients (04:33)
• Facebook strategy 2: How to stay top of mind & generate referrals (11:48)

BONUS: Top performing Facebook ads that you can swipe & post right away (22:28)

Get to know Chris: Chris is the CEO of, an SEO company based in Guelph, Ontario that focuses on ethical and strategic search engine optimization services and digital marketing campaigns that help businesses increase traffic, reputation & sales. Connection Incorporated is the leading expert on generating high quality leads for the mortgage industry & increasing online visibility.

To receive a FREE PDF copy of the top performing Facebook ads from Chris, send an email to or call (855) 432-3990.