Are You Meeting Your Own Expectations?

Being a loan officer is a big responsibility. Because of what you do, a family will have their dream home – or not. A single young adult can buy their first new home – or not. Your family gets the lifestyle they want and deserve – or not. You get to do what you love – or not. When it’s the ‘or nots’, that’s when you are probably not meeting your own expectations around your business goals and results.

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So let’s break this down… what is the anatomy of not meeting your own expectations?

Well, you probably get excited about the outcomes and start out strong. You make your calls, looking for the win and, when you get no’s or a lack of interest or lots of voicemails, your enthusiasm kinda shrinks up. You had high hopes and expected things to go the way you wanted but, when they don’t, you take it as a personal hit to your confidence. You aren’t meeting your own expectations.

Now chances are, if this is the case, you’re probably an attractive person. And no, I’m not just saying that to suck up! Seriously – attractive people just don’t have practice with the ‘no’s’ in life. So that’s the first thing here – look in the mirror and smile at what you see because the smile is what people are going to remember about you.

Next it’s about how heavy that phone gets as you are making your prospecting and touch-base calls with people you know, referrals, previous clients and people you want to meet. If you find yourself distracted by, well, anything, call reluctance is probably getting in your way.

If that’s the case, congratulations! The most successful salespeople have experienced call reluctance too. That means you are destined for greatness because you are in touch with the fear. Now let’s get you past it.

Are you following through on what you know how to do in making your calls? Do you have the contact information you need ready? Have you set aside dedicated time to make your calls? Do you have someone answering your phone for callbacks while you’re dialing? Do you have a script to help prompt you through the call when you reach someone on the other end? Do you have your calendar open so you can schedule a face-to-face meeting?

If you aren’t sure about how to set yourself up to be successful in meeting your own expectations when making calls, I can help you have the confidence you need to get it done. In fact, me and my buddy Kevin Gillespie wrote a whole book on this – you can see it at But I digress…

Only One of Four Things Can Happen

When you have yourself geared up mentally, and you are prepared with a proven system (like what we teach), only one of four things can happen.

1. There’s not a love match.

Sometimes, even when you execute perfectly, you and that other person just aren’t a good fit to work together. In that scenario, remember that your true commitment is to help those who want to be helped – by YOU. You are developing a relationship to help them get what they want. You are both servant and adventure guide in the process. If you aren’t a fit together from the first call, it’s going to be painful for both of you. Just let go and move on.

2. You got unexpected training.

Making mistakes in a sales process are never easy or comfortable while you’re in the middle of them. If you said something that just didn’t fly or make sense, apologize and make it right. If you don’t know something, say so and commit to getting the right answer. Make sure that what you’re saying is what the other person is hearing so there’s minimal miscommunication. Then chalk it up to training – be authentic and transparent about it. Sometimes that is the way you will create bridges with another person who recognizes you are doing your best and they genuinely like you for that.

3. Not right now.

Timing is everything. Part of why you make calls consistently is so that you stay top of mind and you’re right there when that person is looking for a loan or to make a referral. But if and when that doesn’t happen right now doesn’t mean it will never not happen. (Think that three times fast – sheesh.)

The point is that if they didn’t say yes right now, the timing might not be for right now. That just means you have more time to build that relationship until they’re ready to say yes.

I know a loan officer who made his calls every Monday for more than a year. One Monday, he didn’t make his calls and one of his real estate agents – who never picked up the phone – posted on Facebook that he must be dead or it’s not really Monday because he didn’t call! And then all that agent’s real estate agent friends got to see his name on her Facebook wall, so he got even more connections from that post! So make the calls and trust the timing is happening on a bigger calendar than the one you use to schedule appointments (get it?).

4. They say yes.

What? They said YES??? Yep, that’s what happens when you use your system, are consistent in showing up and making your calls, build your relationships over time and are in the right place at the right time.


Now, it may take a lot of those first three scenarios to get to the fourth one where they say yes – but it’s a numbers game. The more no’s you get, the closer you are to that ‘yes’ scenario.

And if you want a system that works to help you with, check out my new bestselling book. It’s the investment that will pay you back – I guarantee it.

Carl White, Chief Officer of Coolness
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