Episode 36

Having A 10X Mindset In Your Business And Your Life

Episode 36 Carl

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Having A 10X Mindset In Your Business And Your Life

Today on our #1 rated podcast for Loan Officers, you can hear more about this amazing way of changing your approach to sales and beyond. Carl and Richard talk about goal setting and having a 10X mindset. Our guest, Richard, spoke with Carl about this life-changing approach that can not only help you succeed in your professional career but can be used to help your family and your life successes as well.

Richard truly brought his expertise in this field to the conversation and covered many topics for making more sales, setting bigger goals, and closing more leads that will help you succeed in ways you never thought possible before!

Everyone works harder when they’re excited, and this podcast will bring some new ways of thinking that will help you get excited about your future as a Loan Officer or in any field. Sometimes it’s good to be unreasonable when it comes to goal setting!  “Who gets excited about realistic goals?” Think bigger, think farther, let go of the fear of failure and go bigger than you ever thought possible. “You must think and act in a wildly different way than you ever previously have”- Grant Cardone, Author of The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

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