Grinding vs Freedom


There’s a lot of talk about grinding in the mortgage business.

Grinding is something you often have to do when you’re starting as a loan officer.

When you’ve been doing something for YEARS however, you get a little sick of “grinding”.

I don’t mind working hard, but I much prefer setting my life and business up so it’s happy, joyous, free, and lucrative.

All the thinking you do and the models you incorporate into your life and mortgage business, as much as possible, you want to make sure each step leads to those 4 things.

Does it make you happy?

Do you enjoy doing it?

Are you free to do the things you want?

Is what you are doing now making you money?

If you focus on those 4 things, you’ll be able to leave the grind behind.

You’ll wake up to more wealth and Freedom, all with less grinding. 
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