Good News!!!  (3 things)

I just heard some great news and just wanted to share it with you.

This is the “Year Of The 5’s” for 3 reasons, which is very very good news for us.

Here’s what that means…  read on
1. It’s predicted that 30 year fixed rates are going back down to the 5’s

That’s very good news.  What that means is all the pent up demand for people wanting to buy homes but the 8% rates scared them off, well, those people will be flocking to homes like seagulls to French fries at the beach.

And over course that means that many of the 8% interest rate loans will be ripe for refinancing.  This is why we focus our marketing on our past database and referral partners instead of strangers (which is a money sucking endeavor).

As long as you have your marketing intact, that means more loans for you, and getting them will be easier (with the right effort).

2. 5,000,000 plus homes are predicted to be sold.

This one kind of plays into #1.  Part of the reason so many homes will be sold is because of the decreased rates.  But 5 million homes sold will mean there will be plenty of business for all of us … that are left.

Those that never took any forward action to stay in the market, well, they are gone now.  Which I’m never happy about that, but lets be real, it does mean even more loans for me and you.

3. Homes across the nation are expected to have an average of 5% equity growth in the next 12 months.

More good news.  That means it will be easier to have those conversations with our home buying prospects of how buying a home NOW will likely give them almost instant equity and that waiting to buy will just cost them more later.

So as long as we are actually prospecting, real prospecting (which is not dancing on TikTok or “liking” posts on FB), it should be a stellar year for us.

It’s never been a better time, or an easier time to be building our market share right now.
So make sure you are prospecting that magical 2 hours a day.

Nothing, and I mean nothing I have ever seen gets more prospecting results than the DSP (Daily Success Plan).

Implementation of that has out trumped every other loan getting activity I have ever seen in my dealings with literally thousands of loan officers across America.   That’s why it’s the focus in my personal mortgage team that literally closes hundreds of loans per month this very month.

It’s not a theory, it’s the results.

Let me know when you want to go over it and I’ll map it out for you step by step here.

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